Fact or Fiction: Barack Obama Was A Member Of The Socialist New Party



A few weeks ago, scumbag liberals the mainstream media erroneously reported that Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party.

Turnabout is fair play, so will the same mainstream media outlets pick up on Barack Obama’s membership in the ultra-liberal socialist New Party?

Like everything else Barack Obama has been affiliated with (e.g. Bill Ayers, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, ACORN) this too ended in EPIC FAIL when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the party in Timmons v. Twin Cities Area New Party.

Politically Drunk carries the story along with the evidence. Be sure to check it out because we know the media will bury this story. Now there is no excuse to be uninformed about your decision. This election is an ideological battle between socialism and capitalism. Barack Obama does not make a speech where he doesn’t incite the “middle class” to anger against the “upper class”. Do not be fooled.

Would you elect any of these to be your next President? Vladimir LeninFidel CastroErnesto “Che” GuevaraMuammar al-GaddafiHồ Chí Minh.


ACORN: Nevada Authorities Raid Office – Shocker, No One’s Manning The Fort

Looking for nuts.

Looking for nuts.

Via the Associated Press:

Nevada state authorities are raiding the Las Vegas headquarters of an organization that works to get low-income people to vote.

No one was at the ACORN office when state agents arrived with a search warrant and began carting records and documents away.

This is what you get for trying to fraudulently register the Dallas Cowboys as Las Vegas voters.


Remember, Barack Obama worked for this organization and they are actively registering voters to aid his campaign.

A spokesman for ACORN referred to the lawful raid as “a stunt that serves no useful purpose other than to discredit our work registering Nevadans and distracting us from the important work ahead of getting every eligible voter to the polls.”

I’m pretty sure the Dallas Cowboys don’t need your help getting to the polls.

More commentary here.

Biden: More Taxes = “Patriotic”; Charitable Contributions = “Lame”

American Elephant)

I told you he is a tool.

Good one, Joe. Paying higher taxes so you can decide which government moocher gets my money is the worst idea in the history of taxation.

Get a clue on leadership. When you say that your Catholic doctrine teaches you to “take care of people who need the help the most,” why is it you don’t seem to lead by example?

Gov. Sarah Palin made less than any of the other three candidates in 2007; yet, she contributed $3,325 to charity in 2007. In contrast, Sen. Biden only contributed $3,690 to charity — for the past decade, 1998-2007!

Way to go, Joe. Let me entrust your hypocritical hide to take my money and give it to others supposedly ‘more deserving.’ Tell me this you commie, who deserves my money more: a government leech or the person who busted his tail to earn it.

Don’t tell me to give you more of my money when you’re the biggest tool on the block evoking Catholic doctrine to tax us more while you’re too selfish to actually give yourself. It’s not only hypocritical, it’s arguably heretical to misinterpret that doctrine to apply to government. That’s where we find the liberal tenet: if it isn’t for big government, no one would give responsibly to charities.

Gov. Palin leading by example. Sen. Biden just running his mouth. What an embarrassment.

H/T Hot Air; pic created by American Elephant.

The Chosen One: I Have My Own Revolutionary Guard Too!

Folks, I know it’s hard to believe… I really do. Sometimes I see this stuff and ask myself, “They’re gonna think I’m lying.” That’s why I have to post the video. I mean, if YouTube didn’t exist, we’d have no idea Obama is training up the next elite force of crack commandos to oppress us all.

The good news is that beyond chanting the praises of the Most Merciful One, their attack method is limited to spouting off falsehoods about government subsidized health care for the masses.

Not to be mean, but some of these fellas are little hefty… you know that’s gonna drive up premiums in the long run. I think I’ll opt-out.

No, for real, I know that the black community is big on step teams and all. I give ’em props for the level of coordination and skill required. But it seems like quite the travesty to waste the talent on a candidate that is as anti-American as Raul Castro and brings us one step closer to the Cuban health care plan.

Oh, and yeah, it’s nearly as creepy as those innocent kids singing how Obama’s gonna “rearrange it”. No, leave my country alone. If you want to rearrange something, figure out a plan to fix your running mate’s hair plugs. That’s the real travesty, here.

Obama: Sort Of Like Sharia Law Without The Overt Islamofascism

Police State Tactics

Police State Tactics

Consider this an update to previously reported threats against political opposition to The Chosen One, Most Mericful, Lord Barack Obama.

Well, it’s just an editorial, but like all great editorials they are based on the facts and their contexts.

Andrew McCarthy over at the National Review writes:

I’ll be blunt: Sen. Obama and his supporters despise free expression, the bedrock of American self-determinism and hence American democracy. What’s more, like garden-variety despots, they see law not as a means of ensuring liberty but as a tool to intimidate and quell dissent. 

I highly recommend this read.

Now, don’t misunderstand Andrew or myself. We’re not linking Obama to Islam. But the fascist principle of sequestering free speech is a principle we cannot ignore, much less permit.

When we surrender that liberty, all other liberties depart with it. Like I said last night — ready, set, socialism! 

More dialogue and commentary can be found at Hot Air.

Conflict of Interest: Gwen Ifill’s Financial Stake

Palin FAIL = $$$

Rumor: Ifill pulls for Biden

So she intentionally withheld the information from the Commission on Presidential Debates and the McCain Campaign.

John McCain intentionally plays softball with the issue trying to position himself as the candidate taking the higher road.

Meanwhile, if she’s as crafty we believe she is, Sarah Palin should be prepping for a stellar opening remark about the PBS embarassment. If Ifill refuses to be transparent from the outset by stating she has a major financial stake in the success of the Obama campaign, Sarah Palin should open with the following remark:

Well, first, I’d like to thank Gwen Ifill for moderating tonight and I wish her well with her new book. I hear you stand to make quite a bit money off it if Obama gets elected. I guess that sort of gives us competing goals here tonight; but when the McCain-Palin ticket gets elected, I’ll be happy to buy a copy, anyway to make it up to you.

Do I think she should step aside to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest? Absolutely.

Do I think she should, at a minimum, disclose her financial stake in Obama’s election? Absolutely.

Will she do either? Meh.

Am I okay with that? Yes. Palin is smart enough to capitalize on it.

Thanks Michelle, for the heavy lifting.

Obama: $17,375 From Mr. Good Will, $19,500 from Mr. Doodad Pro

Shady Dealings

Shady Dealings

What is Obama hiding? A lot, it appears.

We have no access to his transcripts, medical records, bar exam, some court cases and now there is very strong evidence of campaign finance fraud.

It’s bad enough as a community agitator he worked for ACORN and they’re under investigation for voter fraud in about every key battleground state, but now this. God help us that this is the hope of our country. If he’s elected, there a good chance we’ll be denied civil liberties like free speech, as well.

This entire election is fast becoming a giant circus of fraud and deception. Never in America has a more corrupt man sought the highest office with greater chances of success. 

Now the latest from Newsmax, shady campaign donations. If this is true, it’s illegal and charges need to be filed now, not after the election. RIGHT NOW. Continue reading