Obama Flips McCain The Bird Over His Lifelong Service

Who uses their index finger… then calls an audible and comes back for more with the middle finger?

He did this to Hillary too… without the use of the index finger first.

Was it conscious? Unconscious? A kinetic Freudian slip? Sure is ironic that it isn’t the first time he’s done it and at the least isn’t more careful.

Try it… no really, go ahead. Watch what he does, then stand in the mirror and do the same.

Doesn’t it take a little too much effort to tuck in the index finger to extend the middle finger for it to be subconscious? Yeah, I thought so too.

UPDATE: The first time this happened back during the primaries.


VIDEO – Malkin: Obama On Coal PLUS Joe the Plumber Snooping

The coal industry is critical in WV, OH, PA, and very important in western VA. Obama, you may have just lost the election.


Obama Forces Businesses To Close In Pueblo, CO For His Rally

Take A Sabbath Day To Worship Me

Take A Sabbath Day To Worship Me

Foreshadowing of things to come: How Obama blocked the wealth generators in Pueblo, Colorado

It appears an Obama campaign stop forced the closing of several businesses over the weekend so he could hold a rally. These small business owners evidently didn’t fell warm and fuzzy about all the hope and change carousing about their town.

Barack and Michelle Obama will be in Pueblo Saturday. They will hold a rally at 3 p.m in the Union Avenue district. But the doors to some of those businesses will be closed.

For security reasons the secret service has ordered some of them to shut down from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. Saturday. But some owners say they lost money Friday, too, because of construction work to build platforms and stages.

“You shouldn’t just meet Joe the plumber, meet Julie the salon owner, who is mad that you closed me and ten of my girls down for two days,” said Julie Aragon, owner of Studio 127 salon on Union Ave. Aragon and other business owners estimate they’ll lose hundreds of dollars Saturday because of the secret service restrictions.

“I can’t even open my door tomorrow,” said Rhonda Murry, the owner of an antique shop on Union Ave. Murry spent $150 to attract customers in town this weekend for a large antique fair. “This was a big antique weekend and we’ve lost our revenue for basically two days,” said Murry.

The small business owners in the area wanted to know–”Who planned this?” said Aragon.

According to the city of Pueblo, the Obama campaign selected this site. The campaign office wouldn’t comment on their site selection process, but members of the Obama campaign gave the affected business owners VIP tickets to the rally to make up for the inconvenience. For some, that wasn’t enough. “Although it may be a nice picture on the wall, how is that going to change our financial status, it doesn’t,” said Terre Heath, owner of Studio 127 salon on Union Ave.

Liberal Fascism.

H/T Michelle Malkin.

Malkin: Mounting Evidence Of Obama Campaign Finance Fraud

Check it out here: “I have never seen such flagrant disregard for online security as I have seen on Obama’s Website and ACTBLUE (DNC PAC)”

No doubt, you know where I stand – charge, prosecute, convict, and incarcerate.

HillBuzz: Dems for McCain

Keep the Change

Keep the Change

They’re called PUMAs. It stands for ‘Party Unity My A**’. While I don’t run around saying that, it is necessary to note that this is the part of the electorate Obama is most worried about.

They see through Hillary’s faux campaigning for Obama and they are openly in support of McCain and overthrowing the Democratic Party leadership en masse.

Feel free to check them out here. I don’t agree with everything they stand for, but in this election, they are unlikely allies and just might secure victory for McCain tomorrow.

Despite ideological differences, we thank you for your help and faith in Sen. McCain and a better course for America.

Nat’l GOP Trust: Final Word On Obama

Forward to the free world.

Topics covered:

  • Jeremiah Wright
  • Financial crisis
  • Immigration
  • Lack of experience
  • Media bias
  • William Ayers
  • Redistributionism
  • Gun control

H/T Hot Air

The Video Of The Audio Of The One’s Plan To Bankrupt The Energy Industry

Not naive, he’s too educated. Like my Mom told me growing up when I’d do something stupid: “If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.”

Now I know what she meant.