It will not be long now.

It will not be long now.

This marks the end of Pocket Change. It was a good experiment.

But now I have to go organize a revolution.

See you on the other side should God have mercy on you.

For He knows I will not.


Satire: A Teachable Moment – On Apple, California Prop. 8, Gay “Marriage”, and Abortion

Describe The Above Interaction

Describe The Above Interaction

Many are flummoxed at how an individual can connect the dots between the four items; however, yours truly, navigates the stormy waters with the ease of an experienced captain.

It went down over on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). It’s my third online home behind Pocket Change and RedState/Malkin/Hot Air. This is the post by Robert Palmer (not the musician): Apple opposes Calif. Prop 8, donates $100k to ‘No’ campaign.

Proposition 8 is the ballot referendum on how to constitutionally define marriage in California. It is pro-traditional families and opposed to the notion of gay marriage. Apple opposes Prop. 8, because it’s the hip thing to do. 

Naturally, everyone knew the comments would get out of hand, and I am partly responsible. Nevertheless, despite my technical errors in sentence structure (it’s a blog comment people, come on), I took a few to task not for their commentary. Continue reading

Pocket Change Is Breaking Through!

Woot! Thanks to everyone that stops by to read! You are the reason I do this.

Pocket Change is the 23rd fastest growing WordPress blog for 9/25/08.

The 9/25/08 rankings. Number 23. Hey, that number worked for MJ, right?

Pocket Change – Featured on WordPress.com Home Page

Great news! The WordPress.com home page featured my blog again! Click the image to the right to see Pocket Change listed under “In Politics…”

This time, the blogging network featured my post of FOX News’ Special Report regarding just who is responsible, legislatively speaking, for the bailout.

Tonight they featured who warned about the looming financial tsunami and who pretended it wasn’t a problem. Once I have video of that, I’ll post it for you. You won’t be surprised.

Pocket Change gets featured again!

Some days you’re the big cheese, other days you’re the burnt crust on some little kid’s grilled cheese. For the past few days, Pocket Change has been the gooey cheesy goodness right in the center.

Thanks to all who visited and stop by often with new stuff several times a week!

Pocket Change Gets Featured for the First Time!

Folks, I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years had I not seen it myself. But for a short period of time, the ‘iPhone 3G: Hassle Free…” post made it to the WordPress.com featured article section on the home page as well as the Technology News page at number two.

I suppose this isn’t that hard to do, but for Pocket Change, it’s a milestone in its fledgling blogging career. After all, there were 110,000+ new blogs that day with over 3.5 million blog sites throughout the WordPress kingdom. So hip-hip hooray, the future is looking bright!

iPhone 2.0 Software Update: The first anniversary couldn’t be sweeter

So, I had the privilege of being an iPhone 2.0 Enterprise Beta software tester and have been using it for several months but finally get to talk about it. So I will.

With Exchange ActiveSync built in and MobileMe now live, this little update gives me all I need to stay connected on the go. Throw in the App Store and the iPhone now has all the features I could ever want, and if there’s a new need, I can grab the app that meets it best.

My configuration is probably unique but worth sharing. Hopefully, it might help a few out there as well. Continue reading