The Most Amazing Moment Of My Life; And One Burning Question

Love Found

Love Found

When I saw it, I immediately recognized the form, the head, the heartbeat…

8 weeks, 1 day – 1.71 cm – 164 bpm heart rate.

And there are some perfectly okay with killing such beauty. I could never.

Those who perform such actions should be felled by the same fate. It is time the good people of faith and the believers in the inalienable right to life declare war on such recklessness.

Perform an action like this and your fate shall be likewise. We live by the pen in this country, but if we abandon the voiceless we will die by the sword.

Never. Revolution is coming.


Shock & Awe: Everything Has Now Changed



I honestly do not believe anything really prepares you for this. Stunned in silence.

We won’t know any details for certain until the first week of November, but we already consider ourselves blessed. God always knows exactly what he is doing.

Please pray for us as the coming year is going to be life changing. We’re thrilled and overjoyed mixed with a healthy tinge of anxiety. Will we be great parents? I have confidence in Christ of this, I believe it is part of his promise.

God we pray know that you would raise this person up to be someone of strong convictions in You. I pray that you would use this person to influence many for Your great name. God protect this person and give him/her Cara’s good looks and great compassion. God give this person the gift of great communication and prophecy. If it is not too much to ask, make them wise and able to lead.

God, thank you. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

Obama: Anti-Genocide; Pro-Infanticide – Irreconcilable Ideology On Human Rights

This was originally reported here: Palin: Obama said, “Punished With A Baby”; PLUS Startling Abortion Legislation Waiting For Obama Presidency.

Here is the video of Obama saying unequivocally that he would pass Freedom of Choice Act. An act that would make on-demand abortion/infanticide legal in all 50 states without recourse.

The ad was produced by the Family Research Council and thank God for them. Continue reading

Disney World Vacation – All Photos

All the pictures from our vacation are now up on MobileMe

We’re home safe and looking forward to when we get to go again.

Thank God for this trip. My wife and I have had time to connect and focus on each other — laughing, loving, enjoying each other, and making our relationship deeper through the experiences without all the stresses of things at home.

Sixth Day in Disney World

As I write this, we await boarding to head home. The week has been thrilling, magical, and memorable. I’m delighted to have shared these memories with my bride.

We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom just soaking up some last minutes of magic.

As a final thought, it is amazing that you can go somewhere and feel that everything is right in the world. I’m positively convinced we’ve been to a place that allows us to dream and believe we can make our world whatever we want it to be.

I thought often about how this place is probably as close to heaven on earth as you can get. I’m positive this is what Walt Disney had in mind. I feel inspired heading home and re-energized to tackle the challenges facing me.

Thank you Disney for making our lives and dreams richer this week!

Fifth Night in Disney World

Wow, our last full day! We went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and had an amazing time. Some pics are included.

After Animal Kingdom we ate at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was a blend of African cuisine and was a great departure from typical American takes on food.

We went back to the Magic Kingdom to catch the fireworks one last time and it still takes our breath away. This has been an awesome trip. We’re so glad we decided to come!

Fourth Night in Disney World

We decided to take it a bit slower today and visited Downtown Disney. We stopped at this place selling pearls. Cara had the opportunity to pick her oyster and harvest the pearl. They say the average is about 5mm. Cara got a creamy white one about 8.5mm! We decided to set it as a pendant and she couldn’t have been more excited.

We walked around and visited all the shops and then headed over to Epcot for dinner at Les Chefs de France. This was yet another spectacular dinner. Everyone there was from France and spoke it well. Their English was good too. Continue reading