Cameron: McCain Most Optimistic He’s Seen Him In 14 Years!

Get ready for a long night. McCain in a squeaker once the anonymous undecideds break to McCain.


2 Responses

  1. anonymous here, no squeaking here in VA, or in the USA

  2. nope… now i get to the spend the next 4 years making sure he doesn’t screw this up for my kid… now that taxes are going up on us all and we may in return get a $1000 one-time check for being screwed indefinitely.

    i plan to make sure he holds good on his promise to balance budget line by line with scalpel… that will take him 4 years so he won’t have time to pass the FOCA to continue massacring innocent human life or socializing the health care system so it’s unaffordable and crappy for all… like in canada and great europe…

    no to mention… all americans now that the responsibility to ensure ethics and integrity are restored to government by revoking all government funding to folks like ACORN…

    when you win elections by denigrating heroes and playing Machiavelli with a gentleman… history will not be kind to you.

    if only MLK was still alive… he’d have made a great first black president… this guy, however, is going to make us regret ever electing him if he’s serious about the things he says outside of stump speeches.

    i can’t wait to slave away the rest of my life to pay for everyone else and not getting a thing in return. if he takes it too far, the public will be outraged.

    they’re going to be anyway once all his worshippers realize that he can’t pay for their gas or their mortgage… it’s a shame the intelligent and ignorant alike were duped… are there no mere mortals left that can reason well?

    now reigns the age of lawlessness and zero consequences unless you speak dissent…

    and as joe biden said… it won’t be six months before this guy is tested… and we’ll think he’s making the wrong decisions…

    God help us once we realize what we’ve done.

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