Obama: I’ll answer questions “on Wednesday”

No One Questions The One

No One Questions The One

Seriously. You cannot make this stuff up. ABC News’ Jake Tapper recounts the transaction on his blog.

ABC News: Senator Obama, what would you tell your Treasury Secretary do differently with the $700 billion?!

Obama: (laughs)

ABC News: It’s a substantive question!

Obama: It is! But Jake, we’re on a tarmac! That’s a pretty good question!

ABC News: Have a press conference then!

Obama: I will! On Wednesday!

Obama walks up the stairs to his plane.

It’s getting serious. Hot Air points out that the media whipped itself into a frenzy when Gov. Palin would not answer questions from the media. Now it appears, after a month of no press conferences and no questions, Sen. Obama feels it is above him to do the same.

Of course, Jake Tapper was taking a calculated risk since dissent gets you thrown off the plane.


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