Ugly Day For Obama – Arnold *VIDEO*, The Media, And The Obamamercial

I want to pump... you up!

I want to pump... you up!

It was particularly rough day for Obama. He was defensive, annoyed, and lost ground with fresh signs that Axelrod’s astroturfing is not fooling as many as they thought.

But let’s start with the hilarious and work our way down to the painful so we can empathize with the burden that The One is bearing for us all. Bleh.


Today, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had this to say at a rally in Ohio for Sen. John McCain:

“Every year in March I come here to organize the Arnold Classic, which is all about building the body and pumping,” Schwarzenegger said.

“That’s why I want to invite Senator Obama because he needs to do something about those skinny legs. I’m going to make him do some squats.

“And then we’re going to make him do some biceps curls to beef up those scrawny little arms. But if he could only do something about putting some meat on his ideas.

“Senator McCain on the other hand is built like a rock. His character and his views are solid.”

“John McCain’s character has been tested as no other presidential candidate in the history of this nation,” Schwarzenegger said. “He has spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war. He has been tested under torture, under temptation, under deprivation, under isolation.

“He has proven what kind of a man he is. We don’t have to wonder if he’s ready to lead. We don’t have to wonder is he ready to be president of the United StatesJohn McCain has served his country longer in a POW camp than his opponent has served in the United State Senate.”

Love him or hate him, you have to laugh at Arnold for his ability to humorously castigate anyone.


Sen. Obama got a little testy with the media tonight when he took Sasha out for some Halloween fun. While heading to a friends house in Chicago, they walked straight toward his traveling press corps when he asked them stop doing their jobs.

One cameraman who wasn’t with the group followed him and they both took off running towards their destination.

Barry, is the stress of hiding from your past and keeping all the nasty details buried getting to you?


The Obamamercial was a $2.6 million waste. Via Hot Air:

When one program dominates its time slot by simulcasting on five different networks, the producers obviously intend on making it must-see TV.  Barack Obama’s infomercial fell far short.  Despite its multiple platforms, it could only garner 21.7% of the households in the US.

The ratings will be what depresses Team Obama, though.  Despite having a near-monopoly on broadcast television and no particularly compelling competition, only one-fifth of the nation bothered to watch.  That doesn’t exactly scream enthusiasm, and the crashing waves of a landslide may just be imaginary.

Turns out, 80% of American agrees with me that infomercials are still the single greatest source of napping.


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