Obama: The Way To Change Consumer Behavior Is With Financial Pain

Socialism 101:

Q: How do you convince people to change their lifestyles, to live differently, or to turn the question on its ear, are voters ahead of the politicians on this stuff? Do they get it, and maybe the politicians don’t?

A: Well, I think, uh, I think voters do understand it. I think it is important for us to send some price signals to change behavior.

So if you’re on board with redistribution of wealth and stand to somehow magically benefit from higher taxes and a one-time ‘vote for me’ check, how do you feel about higher utility bills to punish you for using electricity?

How about punitive damages for energy you must use as provided to you by the electric companies and cooperatives? How about you sitting around with the lights off trying to save money on the power bill while writing a check to pay that exorbitant power bill with the welfare check the Most Merciful One is sending you as a one-time thank you for installing him as America’s first socialist dictator.

Are you starting to understand his beliefs on government power? The government punishes us, oppresses our liberties, and takes our hard earned money.

For someone so well educated, he sure is ignorant as to how to create wealth unless it benefits him alone.

But that’s his point. Obama doesn’t want a prosperous America. He wants the rich to become poor and the poor to stay poor. He wants ultimate power. He wants to reduce America’s capacity, wealth, and power in the world. He resents American exceptionalism and rejects America’s uniqueness.

This is no patriot — he’s an empty suit messiah, an economic and social contract pariah — a double-tongued deceiver that intentionally purposes to wreck our independence and our futures to enslave us to the state. Then he claims it’s all in the interest of fairness when he seeks to remove all fairness from our society.

We must for ‘no’ to Obama in order to preserve the greater cause of American freedom. That is the second-most patriotic thing you can do Tuesday besides making the decision to legally vote.


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