Tito The Builder: “This Is To Intimidate Colmes”

Straight talk.

This is guy is almost better than Joe the Plumber. Why? He shoots straight, and doesn’t take crap, and is an immigrant living the American Dream. This is what makes America great. Not a stuffy corrupt Chicago politician that talks down about America to America and pretends to have the solutions to all of our problems.

See, Sen. Obama, you’re over baked. You’ve spent too much around too many people who do not like America and when you buttress that against your self-confessed fetish for socialism/Marxism, you become dangerous — too dangerous for America and too unqualified to defend and protect our Constitution.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a game, this is life in America as we know it and it is about to change dramatically if Sen. Obama is elected President. Sen. Obama could benefit from a few years studying under Tito and Joe if he wants to understand “Hope and Change”.

Keep at it Tito.


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