ABC’s Kate Snow: Palin Won’t Release Her Medical Records!

Five Pregnancies vs. The One

Five Pregnancies vs. The One

Look folks, Obama is smoker, Biden had an aneurism, and McCain has had several incidences of cancer. McCain and Biden have released their medical records which are no surprises. Obama has yet to release his records and instead substituted them with a doctor’s note — actually just a one page letter. 

So what gives with this:

On Sunday morning, Palin spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt told ABC News that the campaign had planned to release information on her medical history early this week.

Today is Wednesday.

ABC News has asked every day this week about the status of the release of information and received no updates from the campaign.  It is unclear what is holding things up.

“We are working on this and it will happen sooner than later,” Schmitt said on Sunday.

Aides suggested privately that there was nothing to hide in the records, but that it was simply taking a while to call doctors and round up the appropriate information to release.

But an entire week?

Now you know what ABC has to obsess over, that is, when they’re not kowtowing Obama. Palin is aware of it noting to NBC’s chief kowtower:

“So be it, if that will allow some curiosity seekers, perhaps, to have one more thing that they can either check the box off that they can find something to criticize, perhaps, or find something to rest them assured over.  Fine.  I’m healthy, I’m happy, had five kids.  That is going to be in the medical records.  Never been seriously ill or hurt.  You will see that in the medical records if they’re released,” Palin told NBC’s Brian Williams.

More substantive information there than we find in Obama’s doctor’s note. Both of Obama’s parents died of cancer. His is at high risk for prostate and he has a history of smoking.

Meanwhile, the ‘Cuda does not smoke, has five kids, both parents living and healthy, and she breathes the clean fresh Alaskan air and when she goes where huskies go, she never eats the yellow snow.


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