Biden: Not $250K, Not $200K, But Now $150K – Just Mail In Your Wallet


I Just Cannot Control My Mouth

I Just Cannot Control My Mouth

Folks are correct. Joe Biden doesn’t gaffe. He tells the truth according to him. And now, we’re going to pay for it.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Well, will families making less than $250,000 get a tax cut under President Obama, or not? Senator Obama has been saying this for months, but on Monday Joe Biden put the tax-cut income threshold at $150,000 in an interview with a TV station in his beloved Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Biden campaign later clarified — or at least tried to clarify — the matter by saying that anyone making between $150,000 and $250,000 wouldn’t get a tax cut but also wouldn’t pay higher taxes.

You see, both Obama and Biden know you can’t raise taxes on the upper 5% and send a one-time check to the other 95% and call it tax cuts, especially if you intend to spend an additional $1 trillion.

What’s worse, is that this one-time check is one-time! It’s a one-time tax credit/welfare check and after that everyone — at ALL income levels — will be paying higher taxes because they’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire. If you own a small business chances are you’ll be feeling most of the pain. Enjoy the rewards of your success while you can.


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  1. […] ridiculous. First we had The One himself changing his pitch down a fifth to $200,000. Then we had Biden filibustering over $150,000. But now we have Gov. Bill Richardson saying it’s […]

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