Politico Tries To Justify Bias; This Reader Tells Them They Need Fresh Air

1. Admit bias, 2. Blame McCain

Blame Game

Drunk off their own punch bowl.

Politico: Why McCain Is Getting Hosed In The Press

My response emailed to Harris and Vandehei:

Are you really serious in your “we’re not biased, McCain’s campaign just sucks” column? Is this not the epitome of failure to accept responsibility for your actions?       

Again, the media bias is not in the quality of the campaigns, it’s the prism with which you choose to report, or not report, on one candidate but apply a different reporting rubric to the other candidate.

In the interest of being objective, why don’t you simply state from the outset that Politico has little interest in presenting the ideas of the candidates fairly.

You’re defensive tone in this article is evidence enough that you wish to mask the guilt you must feel in the poor coverage your outfit provides to one candidate while fawning over the other.

Where is the in-depth analysis of Obama’s one time welfare check while the Bush cuts expire for us all? Where is the narrative on Obama placing abortion privileges ahead of the rights of a born alive baby? Have you no moral or ethical compass that you are so flippant regarding these issues?

Or is the purpose of this site solely to trumpet the candidate you personally prefer while national prosperity and moral integrity be damned?

Your coverage is crystal clear. Vote in the guy with no experience, who is ultra liberal, has radically scary ties to unsavory individuals to most in our society, and nominate judges who will shred the Constitution because it is a “fundamentally flawed” document.

Should McCain wind up the next President, you will be exposed along with many more in your field as the integrity devoid shills of the Obama machine who drove the final nail in the coffin of public trust in the media.

Should Obama win and his policies become law, there will be equal backlash on the media for failing to properly vet the candidate and willfully mislead the public. 

America is watching and America will answer if you continue to fail in your responsibility and it costs us dearly.

Now, I suggest you get some fresh air and think long and hard about the approach Politico takes going forward. On your present course, you are playing with a fire inside Americans you won’t be able to quench with more of your bias.

Ring’em up!


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