October Surprise: Obama In Massive Campaign Finance Fraud



Sadly, it’s no surprise at all to many of us.

Look folks, it’s not like you couldn’t see this coming. If you didn’t see it coming, you’re either not reading what I and others have written or you are in shameless denial for The One.

Will America awake from its drunken stupor and find its values before it is too late and spend four years or more being defrauded by this man?

Via Hot Air:

“John Galt” donating to Obama this year too, apparently; Update: RNC files new complaint with FEC; Update: Foreign credit cards being accepted too? Update: Ruffini cries fraud


One Response

  1. Ironically, your comment feature is more ethical and secure than Obama’s donation page.

    This is insanity. Wholesale, blatant violation of law and ethics. And this shall be our next president.

    We have brought this upon ourselves, folks. We fell asleep at the watch.

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