America to Obama: “I Am Joe”

My dad is Joe the Plumber — actually, he owns a auto repair shop. I remember growing up as a kid, for many years, he worked two jobs in various shops to earn enough money to provide for his family and save enough money to start his own business.

When I was almost 7 in early 1989, I remember one night sitting in the car with my dad while he talked with some of his coworkers. He spoke with enthusiasm about starting a business. He was proud of it.

Next year marks his company’s 20th anniversary. My younger brother has aspirations of following in my Dad’s footsteps. I could not be more proud of either of them.

The reason I work in government is to ensure that the opportunities of others like my Dad do not go unrealized because of government waste and overtaxation. To the ‘Joes’ of America: Never give up on your dreams.

McCain-Palin ’08.

I’m Mike Parrish and ‘you betcha’ I approve of this message.


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