Obama: Anti-Genocide; Pro-Infanticide – Irreconcilable Ideology On Human Rights

This was originally reported here: Palin: Obama said, “Punished With A Baby”; PLUS Startling Abortion Legislation Waiting For Obama Presidency.

Here is the video of Obama saying unequivocally that he would pass Freedom of Choice Act. An act that would make on-demand abortion/infanticide legal in all 50 states without recourse.

The ad was produced by the Family Research Council and thank God for them.

Personally, I’d rather die defending the innocent than to allow their slaughter to continue at a rate of roughly 1.2 million babies per year or roughly 45 million since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided. This eclipses the holocaust by 750%.

And yet, in America, we’ve allowed ourselves to degrade human rights to a simple matter of choice: ‘I choose not to be pregnant’ versus ‘I choose to let this person live.’ We then have the nerve to discuss matters of genocide as if we are the quintessential example of humanity.

Barack Obama, explain to me how you reconcile your statement in the second presidential debate that the United States should do everything it can to prevent genocide anywhere in the world; yet, at home you support, defend, and seek to expand the killing of human babies. These two statements are irreconcilable, sir, and such ideological malfeasance makes you wholly unqualified to lead this nation.

You either protect innocent life or you do not; there is no middle ground as an attack on one group of innocent life is an attack on all innocent life — where then shall it end?

If anyone that is pro-abortion wants to learn more about the truth of abortion, I hope they’ll have the courage to visit here: Abort73.

I am Mike Parrish and I approve of this message.

H/T to Hot Air and Ed Morrissey for the video.


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