McCain Town Hall: Naming Names, Plus Palin On Abortion

Ring'em Up!

Ringem Up!

I never saw any video of this exchange. It apparently followed the clip of the angry McCain supporter.

A real estate broker posed the following question:

SUPPORTER:  I’m a realtor witnessing firsthand the effect the mortgage crisis has had on many people’s lives. Will you assure us that, as president, you will take immediate action to investigate, prosecute, and name the names of the people actually responsible?

JOHN McCAIN:  I will. And it is already a matter of record that Democrat members of Congress fought against reform. And it’s a matter of record and hearings that they said everything was fine. Senator Obama, a year ago, said these kinds of sub-prime loans are, quote, “fine with [him].” And the fact is that the same people that are now claiming credit for this rescue are the same ones that were willing co-conspirators in causing this problem that it is, and you know their names, and you will know more of their names. Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd are two of them.

Finally, we have a dog in this fight.

A supporter later asked Palin about abortion:

As someone who believes that the most promising and precious ingredient in this sometimes mixed up world of ours is a child. And I appreciate your reminder of the compassion needed in this issue. What I don’t find compassionate is Barack Obama’s vote as an Illinois senator when three times he had the chance to vote to be able to provide health care for a child who was born alive as a result of a botched abortion. I would just ask you, sir, to go online and look at his record on that one also. Thank you for the question.

She already settled this issue when she sat down with ABC’s Professor Demeritus Charlie Gibson and CBS’s Katie ‘Not-Belaboring-The-Point’ Couric. This time she honed in on Obama’s record of defending abortion privileges (it is not a right) at the expense of providing medical treatment for infants born alive as the result of botched abortions.

One can only hope it will get better from here.

Your humble correspondent has provided tireless correspondence on this issue.


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