Commentary: Could Racketeering Charges Be Possible?

They were all people who lived in my neighborhood.

They are all someone's that live in my neighborhood.

So here are a few things we know:

  • Barack Obama is connected to ACORN in Chicago for over a decade by representing ACORN legally, training ACORN’s senior staff in community organizing tactics, and paying their voter registration arm over $800,000 to help him in the Democratic presidential primaries.
  • We also know that ACORN is being investigated in roughly 10 states.
  • In Ohio, ACORN admits to voter registration fraud and the Secretary of State was found by a federal judge to be willfully in violation of federal election law.
  • Chicago is famous for it’s dirty politics and political machine.
  • Convicted felon, Tony Rezko, is apparently trying to avoid jail time by giving up information on the Chicago Machine.
  • Barack Obama’s campaign has received millions in contributions from foreign contributors without verifying they are U.S. citizens as well as contributions in excess of the legal federal limit without returning the balance to the contributor.

Given all of this, what are the chances… now, bear with me on this, I know it seems far fetched…

What are the chances… no, no, I’m not crazy, just thinking this through to all plausible conclusions…

Could it be possible… that a federal prosecutor… might indict individuals on racketeering charges?

Two Words: October Surprise.

Oh, and guess who the Special Prosecutor would be? Patrick J. Fitzgerald of “Plamegate” fame.

DISCLAIMER: This is totally speculation and rumor — and a little entertaining.


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