McCain Town Hall: One Voter Shouts, “I’m Mad! I’m Really Mad!”

He’s not mad about the economy, he’s mad about socialists taking over our capitalistic republic.

Maverick agrees and then mentions ACORN. The crowd lights up when McCain says ACORN must be investigated and stopped before November 4.

On a serious note, it is quite obvious McCain supporters are looking for him to fight harder. I doubt he was thrilled with these questions as he has sought to seek a more bipartisan cooperative effort. That went out the window later on (will add video once it is available) when a real estate broker said she wanted names named and individuals responsible prosecuted.

McCain, to his credit, named Sen. Dodd (D-CT), chair of the Senate Banking Committee, and Rep. Frank (D-MA) chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

I’m sure in the coming days McCain will attempt to back down from this harsh tone; however, the people overwhelmingly demand justice and freedom from the work government has wrought upon us in this crisis.

McCain, if you want to win, you must hammer this home from now until November 4. It’s your Maverick branding, so live up to it. Get in the fight with us and win it.

I believe the words of Patrick Henry are appropriate now more than ever perhaps: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

I will not surrender my country or my countrymen to socialism that will enslave, yes enslave, us all! MSMs can spin that however they want but know this: with or without McCain, and certainly without Obama, the people have proclaimed that freedom is on the march!

As I always say, “It is a privilege to fight!”

More commentary by the faithful at Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.


3 Responses

  1. […] McCain Town Hall: One Voter Shouts, “I’m Mad! I’m Really Mad!” […]

  2. I can’t take it! McCain is still trying to play by the rules of the Democrats. He didn’t learn the MSM used him like a street whore when it was convenient to pimp him as a “conservative” that disagreed with Bush? Look how they’ve treated him since the pick of Obama. He thinks he can outspend the Dems? He thinks if he acts “Presidential” people will vote for him? Romney was the only one where that rule would have applied. He signs off on a “Town Hall” meeting debate that was no such thing? God Help Me!Mavericks don’t play by the rules of anyone! Look Obama in the eye in the next debate and call him out on everything! He’s an empty suit, a spineless politician, and a activist lefty that’s going to be appointing supreme court justices and be in charge of the Department of Justice for God’s sake! He’s going to be the Commander in Chief and the guy doesn’t even want to wear a flag pin! People are pissed off if you haven’t noticed so don’t be telling us not to be afraid of Obama in the white house. What the hell are you doing? We’re still suffering from Jimmy Carter! Start fighting and calling him out or I’m staying home on election day!

  3. McCain BETTER start listening! I’m glad this happened AFTER the second debate!!! Now he heard it from the people right in front of his face, so he will have to comply!!!!

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