Debate No. 2: McCain Wins By Points, Obama Looks/Acts Childish – No KO

I looked like a fool. You sure did, Barack.

I looked like a fool. You sure did, Barack.

What The Heck Was He Talking About? Correcting The Record.

Now paging Sen. Barack Obama, please report to the reality based community.

  1. The current economic crisis is rooted in the Community Reinvestment Act and government subsidized enterprises. To translate, government meddling in the free-market is the problem. You should never force lenders to lend to unqualified applicants.
  2. Sacrifice is not clean energy and mandatory Peace Corps service. Sacrifice is giving up something of value for the cause of something more important. I’m not sure that you personally know what that is about.
  3. As a matter of fact, I know you don’t understand sacrifice because you think paying higher taxes is a sacrifice for the sake of those making less. That’s not sacrifice. You cannot make the argument that one’s surrender of their earned income to the state is less valuable than giving it to the person who makes less. This is especially true when you take it from job creating small businesses that pay the salaries of those who make less.
  4. Health care is not a “right” even in America. It is a “privilege” we take for granted and the “responsibility” of every head of household to procure for the livelihood of the dependents.
  5. No one buys the myth that you plan to give everyone the same health care coverage Congress receives. Congress doesn’t even need the level of coverage they receive and to provide it for the rest of the country is unnecessary largesse, interference in the markets, and inflationary. Oh, and granting tax credits to businesses who provide health care coverage to employees is a backhanded way of saying if you don’t provide health care coverage (which may put you out of business) we’ll make it that much harder for you to make a profit by penalizing you said tax credit.
  6. You cannot say on one hand that you oppose genocide and believe the U.S. should do everything in its power to prevent it and, on the other hand, oppose our intervention in Iraq where genocide took place under its dictatorship and would have continued without the troop surge strategy. Sen. Obama, why do you oppose genocide everywhere except Iraq?
  7. Regarding Israel, they are our greatest ally and the balancer of power in the region. You must be willing to commit troops to Israel’s defense if they call upon us. Also, refer back to your point about genocide to prevent further policy confusion.

Here’s a rundown, point for point, in case you missed the debate. I’ll have more analysis posted tonight.

Barack Obama:

  • believes our current economic condition is the sole responsibility of President Bush
  • believes Warren Buffett would be a great Secretary of the Treasury
  • believes banking/investment deregulation, not Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is the problem
  • believes government intervention in energy, health care, and education are solutions to current issues
  • believes sacrifice for Americans includes greater oil production, clean coal technology, safe storage of nuclear energy, incentives for fuel efficient cars, and doubling the size of the Peace Corps
  • believes spending cuts are defined as raising taxes on small businesses and incomes over $250,000, letting the capital gains, estate, and corporate tax cuts expire, and increasing government spending
  • believes in clean, efficient energy technology
  • believes in government subsidized health care and fines for business not providing health-care for employees
  • believes health care is a right the state should mandate, that child health care should be required, and mandating restrictions on coverage limitation (e.g. preconditions)
  • believes liberating Iraq from oppression and genocide, and defeating terrorism in Iraq is a mistake 
  • believes in a moral imperative to prevent genocide/ethnic cleansing (just not in Iraq)
  • believes in outsourcing some responsibility to allies
  • believes in increasing Pakistani financial incentives to cooperate with US in fighting Al Qaeda
  • believes Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are greatest national security threat and must be defeated even if invading Pakistan is required
  • believes United States must reduce the oil we import from Russia, more support or all former Soviet nations.
  • will not presently commit troops to the defense of Israel if called upon; believes in direct talks with Iran and no nukes
  • does not know what he does not know; does not know how he will learn what he does not know; but is grateful for people paying for his education and giving him opportunities

John McCain:

  • believes solving the economic crisis requires a strong domestic energy policy
  • believes Warren Buffett would be a great Secretary of the Treasury
  • believes Meg Whitman of eBay would be a great Secretary of the Treasury
  • believes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac required greater oversite and/or privatization
  • believes in assisting homeowners with mortgages that were qualified buyers to help alleviate foreclosure using existing legislation already passed this year
  • believes American innovation and workforce is the best in the world
  • believes less government in health care and energy, entitlement reform are solutions to current issues
  • believes sacrifice for Americans includes: less dependence on government programs, eliminating government largesse
  • believes raising taxes and letting the capital gains, estate, and corporate tax cuts expire would harm economic prosperity
  • believes doubling the tax exemption for each child from $3500 to $7000 will promote economic growth
  • believes a $5000 health care refundable tax credit will reduce health care costs through competition while increasing overall coverage without unnecessary government intervention
  • believes in clean, efficient energy technology
  • believes America is the greatest force of good in the world
  • believes liberating Iraq from oppression and genocide, and defeating terrorism in Iraq is correct
  • believes military intervention must be weighed against our ability to help the situation
  • believes Teddy Roosevelt on “Speak softly and carry a big stick” and the Gen. Petraeus strategy of working with the people and government of Pakistan; no “telegraphing punches”
  • believes in no new Cold War but Russian aggression must not be tolerated through economic, diplomatic means including reducing our oil imports
  • will not wait for UN Security Council prior to assisting Israel in the defense of Israel; possibly a league of democracies approach; no direct talks and no nukes for Iran
  • does not know the future at home or abroad but understands dark times and believes in America and its future

Once again, McCain is stronger while Obama evaded directly answering several questions. When he did give direct answers they were either wildly socialistic and liberal and he really revealed his lack of experience on complex issues.

McCain wins on points but fails to make a convincing knock-out argument. He needed to attack Obama’s record and positions more aggressively and, quite frankly, represent conservatism better with the housing struggles.

Finally, the key to stimulating economic growth so we can climb out of this mess is to have a strong energy policy that allows energy companies to power America domestically keeping nearly a trillion dollars at home and creating thousands of jobs in a time when both are desperately needed. Energy independence is a pro-America, pro-economy, pro-growth policy that stands to capitalize most on our current condition and pay dividends to us all now and decades to come.

This point McCain drove home particularly well. In contrast, Obama referred to every issue as “one of the most critical” which was, in the aggregate, unconvincing.

NOTE: The only network and viewership that gave McCain a victory was FOX News. The other networks and viewers decided on style over substance.


7 Responses

  1. I love your posts, I couldn’t begin to come up with all the facts you do. I hope you send this info to the McCain website, I think they could use your help.

    I just saw, the interview on Fox of McCain and Palin with Sean. He said the polls had started to tighten, some as close as 2 points. I haven’t seen anything like that, have you?

  2. Thanks! Here’s some quick info…

    Zogby has Obama up by 2, Hotline has Obama up by 1…

    Meanwhile, the Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama up by 11.

    Keep in mind, Zogby got it right in 2004 with Bush/Kerry.

    Bottom line: polls mean nothing except election returns on Nov. 4.

    Keep on fighting!

  3. Thanks for the good news!

  4. Not only are you guilty of revisionist history in blaming the Wall Street crisis on the Community Reinvestment Act, but you are dangerously ill informed about Middle Eastern relations. Read about what the non-partisan Robert Baer has to say on the subject.

  5. CRA is some of the worst government intervention in the rationale free-market system in modern history. Some aspects of Sarbanes-Oxley are too like mark-to-market. Federal funding for ACORN is another prime example of government meddling where it doesn’t belong whereby an atmosphere is created that banks must lend to unqualified applicants and the government will be happy for you to dump the mortgage on the door of Fannie/Freddie. It’s not wise. That free market will always have its participants operate in their own self interest. The government screwed up by making rules illogical rules based upon the poor liberal understanding of capitalism. Now you can bring up repealing Glass-Steagall but that had nothing to do with it. In fact, it helped Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley convert from investment banks to more traditional banks so they wouldn’t tumble into the canyon of poor consumer confidence. Foreign banks have operated this way for decades with no major crises resulting from it. Of course, since you only make snide remarks instead of explaining what exactly you take issue with, I’m really just rehashing everything responsible, capitalistic, republic loving Americans should be able to explain without the need for regular refresher courses such as this.

    It’s interesting to me, that you would leave a comment that basically says “you think I’m an idiot for not thinking like you” and then fail to substantiate that claim except to point to an article about an interview on NPR.

    I wouldn’t characterize myself as “dangrously ill-informed” on Iran. When someone threatens to kill your friend you don’t say “oh, because you’re ‘stable’ in some respects and have bullying power over the neighborhood… well hold rationale talks with you so you can get your way and we legitimize your agenda to kill neighborhood families just so you can take over their homes and property.”

    So yeah, let’s sit down and talk to Iran and have a heart-to-heart. It doesn’t work. You can go ask Neville Chamberlain about it or any Czech still alive from the Sudetenland in 1938.

  6. Merge Divide sounds like Mike Parrish kicked your butt on that one. I don’t think I would challenge him on the facts – you will come out the loser.

  7. Yeah…..what she said. You rock Mike

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