Damage Control: Obama Spokesman Dodges, Then Concedes About Ayers

Shocking revelation by the Obama campaign! Too bad the rest of us already knew. This is clearly damage control following CNN’s report on Anderson Cooper 360.

NOTE: FOX News has been saying this for months, but we all know how the drive-bys have buried it.

Then to top it all off, Obama campaign spokesman Gibbs blows off Mark Halperin of TIME Magazine by telling him his favorite country music lyric is Travis Tritt’s hit Here’s A Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares. Yeah, we already know you don’t care about associating with terrorists.

That’s right, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) not only knew of Bill Ayers’ past as a terrorist but also continued working for him after learning of his despicable past.

So what’s the big deal? Well, I like how Rush Limbaugh put it today:

Everybody sees that it’s clearly not cool to go out and play golf with O.J.  I was talking to somebody over the weekend, and they were in a restaurant somewhere in Florida when O.J. walked in with some people.  They got up and left.  They didn’t want to be in the same restaurant with a man who they thought had murdered two people.  By the way, O.J. was shocked at the verdict, I’m told, but he’s very confident that his record, the running back who has killed the most people, will hold up for a long time.  But everybody knew it was uncool.  O.J. Simpson was someone to be shunned.  He’s an unrepentant murderer.  Bill Ayers is like O.J. Simpson.  He’s unrepentant about what he did.

Folks, I’m not saying Barack Obama is a terrorist. I just think he’s okay hanging out with terrorists and is radical and liberal enough to not see the problem with it!

This goes back to the point of judgment. Obama has consistently proven he makes poor ethical choices and then tries to cover up the tracks. Now they’re coming to light and his campaign is out doing damage control on debate night.

The number one job of the President of the United States is to be the Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s armed forces and is sworn to defend and protect the borders, people, and Constitution of the United States. How can he effectively make the argument that he will do this if he has consistently made decisions, to put it another way, to go “palling around with terrorists.”

In case you forgot, terrorists are the enemy. Colluding with terrorists makes you the enemy too!

Sen. McCain, you better hammer this home tonight!

H/T Hot Air.


4 Responses

  1. You all have some real issues. Obama “associated” with a terrorist per say and that makes him a terrorist. Sarah Palin’s HUSBAND wants Alaska to separate from the US…I guess patriotism is defined by the author. What’s the standard?

  2. Per se? No, it’s true, reported, and confirmed by the campaign.

    Todd Palin never bombed anyone or anything just to make a point.

    If you want to know where the standard is, I’d start by drawing a line in the sand against bombing one’s own country for starters.

    Is it really too much to ask that our politicians not hang out with terrorists? It would seem like that would be a prerequisite.

  3. Very well put, Mike! Truthness I would suggest that you look at the CNN news report by Anderson Cooper. You need to educate yourself about the issues of which you speak. I know you won’t go to FOX News, so perhaps you will believe it from CNN. Barack was much more than an associate of Bill Ayers and his wife, who by the way, went to prison for the Brinks robbery.

    Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco, Jeremiah Wright… Change A Sane People Cannot Afford!

  4. Hey Truthness, please link us to a picture of Todd Palin standing on an American flag…

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