McCain: Who Is The Real Barack Obama?

The truth is, we have absolutely no idea who the real Barack Obama is. His past is sealed shut or covered up. We know of no major accomplishments in his political career except winning elections. Most of what we can see beneath his speeches are policies of socialism. Most of what we can glean from his life reveals associations with shady people. In fact, we are unaware of Sen. Obama associating with any respectable individual.

Is this not troubling?

Sen. Obama’s campaign predictably noted that Gov. Palin was bringing up Sen. Obama’s relationships with shady people to divert attention from the discussion on the economy. No sooner had they said that did Sen. McCain wage an all out assault on Sen. Obama’s dealings with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how he never attempted to reform their oversight as Sen. McCain had.

Further, we know Sen. Obama was a lawyer representing ACORN in cases of the group intimidating banks into approving mortgages for low-income and unqualified applicants. Sen. Obama has never addressed his connection with them or denounced their practices because he supports those tactics as a community organizer. We know this, because he taught them those tactics after he graduated from Columbia.

Sen. Obama’s career is dedicated to the cause that created this entire mortgage bailout mess. He willfully went along with it and now he pretends he is the one with the solutions for it. Know this, if he is elected, we will all suffer consequences more grave than the clear lack of judgment Sen. Obama continually exhibits with this mortgage crisis and his relationships with those who perpetuated it.

I applaud Sen. McCain for going after Sen. Obama’s poor record, total lack of judgment, and unrepentant ignorance as to his own culpability. It’s about time. The Maverick was on the right side of this battle and it is time the country new about it.

The real Barack Obama will never willfully stand up. If he did, it would be his political undoing.

Thanks to Hot Air for the video. More commentary can be found here.


4 Responses

  1. Disgusting. And Un-American.
    Yep, intimating global-transnationals to make loans to people who aren’t WHITE like you.
    Go back to the 18th century. Racist Pig.

    We see you Ayers, and we raise you Keating Five. Losers.

  2. You qualify or you don’t.

    If you don’t, you should buy a cheaper house or make more money.

    It’s called responsibility and no one to the political left of Sen. McCain cares about that. Including you, obviously.

    Now honestly? How intelligent of an argument are you capable of when you can only attack my character and assume because I’m white that I’m racist.

    Hmm, maybe the way to stop discriminating on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

    Wrap your head around that before you speak up next time.

    You’re remarks only serve to further my point that mortgage approvals require legitimate qualification and cannot simply be handed out to just anyone that can run their mouth without showing proof they can handle the responsibility. As I’ve already written elsewhere, race is a lot more than skin color. How much more shallow can you be about this?

  3. wow man, after 24/7 non-stop election campaigning for the last year, you still don’t know who obama is? where ya been?

  4. Oh I know who I think he is… the problem is irrefutability given the massive cover-up into his past.

    That and anytime you question him… you’re called a racist and he calls you a distraction. Woeful.

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