Biden: More Taxes = “Patriotic”; Charitable Contributions = “Lame”

American Elephant)

I told you he is a tool.

Good one, Joe. Paying higher taxes so you can decide which government moocher gets my money is the worst idea in the history of taxation.

Get a clue on leadership. When you say that your Catholic doctrine teaches you to “take care of people who need the help the most,” why is it you don’t seem to lead by example?

Gov. Sarah Palin made less than any of the other three candidates in 2007; yet, she contributed $3,325 to charity in 2007. In contrast, Sen. Biden only contributed $3,690 to charity — for the past decade, 1998-2007!

Way to go, Joe. Let me entrust your hypocritical hide to take my money and give it to others supposedly ‘more deserving.’ Tell me this you commie, who deserves my money more: a government leech or the person who busted his tail to earn it.

Don’t tell me to give you more of my money when you’re the biggest tool on the block evoking Catholic doctrine to tax us more while you’re too selfish to actually give yourself. It’s not only hypocritical, it’s arguably heretical to misinterpret that doctrine to apply to government. That’s where we find the liberal tenet: if it isn’t for big government, no one would give responsibly to charities.

Gov. Palin leading by example. Sen. Biden just running his mouth. What an embarrassment.

H/T Hot Air; pic created by American Elephant.


3 Responses

  1. You have that right, more taxes from Obama and Biden. How can Obama say he’s for change when he picked a VP Joe Biden who said “I will not change”?
    I know why we are here in this cisis. Check my post please and you might agree with me. 🙂

  2. We’d like to invite you to join the Read My Lipstick Network ( We’re a diverse group supporting John McCain, Sarah Palin and we’re working hard to get them elected. Take a look at the Network please, and if you’re interested send an email to readmylipstick at

    Great blogs, have been reading through a number of them and have added some of the video to my blog! Thanks much for taking the time to compile, write and share.

  3. Biden is more resistant to change than McCain, Palin and the conservatives are. That’s what most democrats don’t understand.

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