The Chosen One: I Have My Own Revolutionary Guard Too!

Folks, I know it’s hard to believe… I really do. Sometimes I see this stuff and ask myself, “They’re gonna think I’m lying.” That’s why I have to post the video. I mean, if YouTube didn’t exist, we’d have no idea Obama is training up the next elite force of crack commandos to oppress us all.

The good news is that beyond chanting the praises of the Most Merciful One, their attack method is limited to spouting off falsehoods about government subsidized health care for the masses.

Not to be mean, but some of these fellas are little hefty… you know that’s gonna drive up premiums in the long run. I think I’ll opt-out.

No, for real, I know that the black community is big on step teams and all. I give ’em props for the level of coordination and skill required. But it seems like quite the travesty to waste the talent on a candidate that is as anti-American as Raul Castro and brings us one step closer to the Cuban health care plan.

Oh, and yeah, it’s nearly as creepy as those innocent kids singing how Obama’s gonna “rearrange it”. No, leave my country alone. If you want to rearrange something, figure out a plan to fix your running mate’s hair plugs. That’s the real travesty, here.


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