Obama: Sort Of Like Sharia Law Without The Overt Islamofascism

Police State Tactics

Police State Tactics

Consider this an update to previously reported threats against political opposition to The Chosen One, Most Mericful, Lord Barack Obama.

Well, it’s just an editorial, but like all great editorials they are based on the facts and their contexts.

Andrew McCarthy over at the National Review writes:

I’ll be blunt: Sen. Obama and his supporters despise free expression, the bedrock of American self-determinism and hence American democracy. What’s more, like garden-variety despots, they see law not as a means of ensuring liberty but as a tool to intimidate and quell dissent. 

I highly recommend this read.

Now, don’t misunderstand Andrew or myself. We’re not linking Obama to Islam. But the fascist principle of sequestering free speech is a principle we cannot ignore, much less permit.

When we surrender that liberty, all other liberties depart with it. Like I said last night — ready, set, socialism! 

More dialogue and commentary can be found at Hot Air.


2 Responses

  1. The first people to eliminate free speech are the media.
    In Europe the media are complicit in the deceit of the people regarding islamism. Muslim murders of kuffars goes unreported, for example.
    Censorship is a disease plaguing free speech in Europe and it is imposed by the media themselves.
    This is backed up with the use of expressions like “extreme far right”.
    I have been accused of being an “ultra nationalist” by a German newspaper, whatever that means. However, most newspapers refuse to publish my letters etc or even to talk to me. Yet they freely associate SIOE with other organisations with which we have no formal ties, and tag us with pejorative labels.

  2. Just stop and think for one moment…..
    If only Obama’s father had thought to wear a condom that one night way back when…….

    Just words, Just speeches……..Just words…….

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