Conflict of Interest: Gwen Ifill’s Financial Stake

Palin FAIL = $$$

Rumor: Ifill pulls for Biden

So she intentionally withheld the information from the Commission on Presidential Debates and the McCain Campaign.

John McCain intentionally plays softball with the issue trying to position himself as the candidate taking the higher road.

Meanwhile, if she’s as crafty we believe she is, Sarah Palin should be prepping for a stellar opening remark about the PBS embarassment. If Ifill refuses to be transparent from the outset by stating she has a major financial stake in the success of the Obama campaign, Sarah Palin should open with the following remark:

Well, first, I’d like to thank Gwen Ifill for moderating tonight and I wish her well with her new book. I hear you stand to make quite a bit money off it if Obama gets elected. I guess that sort of gives us competing goals here tonight; but when the McCain-Palin ticket gets elected, I’ll be happy to buy a copy, anyway to make it up to you.

Do I think she should step aside to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest? Absolutely.

Do I think she should, at a minimum, disclose her financial stake in Obama’s election? Absolutely.

Will she do either? Meh.

Am I okay with that? Yes. Palin is smart enough to capitalize on it.

Thanks Michelle, for the heavy lifting.


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