Obama & ACORN: Totally BFF

Well, no surprise here. As every intelligent person could have figured out, Obama’s community organizing days started in Chicago teaching young ACORN’s how to grow into big strong trees of intimidation.

Of course, this is how it started. Now the fruits of his labor, and those like him across the nation, are dropping their nuts all over our financial futures.

To make a long story short, through their intimidation tactics which threatened banks into giving unqualified applicants a mortgage and coupled with Congress’ approval and the complete incompetence heading up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (a.k.a. Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, et al) we have all the inner workings of a major financial meltdown.

Why wasn’t Obama talking about this? Why was Bill Clinton? Hmm…

h/t Hot Air


3 Responses

  1. The whole thing with Acorn just makes me sick! I hope Obama is asked about Acorn at the next debate.

  2. This is sickening. Obama is a socialist and black supremist. The election will be fixed by ACORN in Ohio, Michigan and Philadelphia. And not a word will be written about it in the failing urban newspapers.

  3. One person at a time, we can change the fix. You are obviously know what you’re talking about, and have proof, convince one person, who will in turn convice another and so on. We can do this, we have no choice but to push forward. I hope you are putting your information on every political website you can find. I know I have seen the Fannie / Freddie clip on several shows now, so the word is getting out there. Our biggest hope lies with the debate on Thursday.

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