Obama: The Long Term Fundamentals… Make Our Economy Grow?

Weird, I heard him say his opponent does not get it for saying the same thing?

I guess he doesn’t get it either, then. So much for change.

By the way, he also contradicted himself in the debate regarding whether or not troops die in vain.

In political parlance, it is called: opportunistic. In the blogging world, it is called: FAIL.


3 Responses

  1. Your posts are awesome. I spent all weekend blogging on websites. Even Obams’s, but they deleted what I said. Keep up the good work with more grassroots work like yours, we might turn this thing around. By the way I sent your blog about Fannie/Freddie to the Chairman of the GOP and to Sean Hannity.

  2. Thanks for your comments! I do this to ensure the truth is spread as far and wide as possible.

    My guess is, the GOP Chair and Sean are already on top of it. At least, I hope they are.

    But I agree, enough with the ridiculous antics!

  3. The Dem parts were just shown by Sean, McCain needs to run ads with this stuff.

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