Nancy Pelosi: “House GOP Is Unpatriotic”

The Face of Power

Botox Buzz

As my wife and I went out tonight for dessert and coffee, the moment we get in the car, this is what we were treated to. This is about as lame as Barney Frank’s inability to look presentable when he shows up for work. At least with Barney, he does not try to cover up his stupidity with style. I digress…

Nothing beats the ‘Most Powerful Woman In America” questioning the patriotism of the minority party for sticking up for what the vast majority of voter’s are demanding. Of course, her horror is understandable considering her party has tried to steamroll a crappy plan through Congress and then down our throats for the past week.

Nevertheless, in a move akin to pulling the gender card, she questions the DNA of minority party. The worst part is that I am just not sure about her purpose for the rant. It was not to spur them back to the negotiating table, they had already done that. I can only reason that she was trying to safe face in the public image battle. This, despite the cosmetic remedies on her face that only extrapolate the notion that her party is only concerned with how they appear rather than possessing any depth or substance.

For video and more expert commentary and punditry, swing over to Hot Air.


2 Responses

  1. It scares me every time I see that face! 🙂

  2. The anti-American, socialist principals that Pelosi represents were apparent in the recent “bail out” attempt. And Bush’s desire to help her finally cost me his support. When I see what is going on by our void congress and the goals that they desire for the USA, it saddens me to realize that we are becoming the USSR and might soon be saying Comrade instead of friend. That is the road we are on and Pelosi is on the head socialist leading the way to Dictator Obama’s election. Additionally, Dictator Obama’s election may possibly be the last “free” election this country has for president. However this election is most likely being purchased in may ways in order to get Comrade Obama into the white house.

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