VIDEO: Obama Campaign – The Latest Lie And His Free Speech Double Standard *UPDATED*



Look. I know politicians bend and stretch the truth as much as they can. They spin until their dizzy. For some reason, however, the Obama campaign seems to have spun themselves into an alternate reality.

From Obama Campaign spokesman, Bill Burton:

Congressman Blunt just confirmed what’s been clear since John McCain rode into Washington at the eleventh hour – Senator McCain’s political theatrics succeeded only in stopping a bipartisan deal. During the most serious economic crisis of our time, we don’t need erratic posturing, we need steady leadership to protect American taxpayers and put our economy back on track,” said Obama-Biden spokesman Bill Burton.

He said that in conjunction with this statement, complete with video from House Minority Whip, Roy Blunt:

Clearly, yesterday, his (McCain’s) position on that discussion yesterday was one that stopped a deal from finalizing.

I should not even have to explain this to you. But in the interest of truth, here is the entire quote with the part Burton quoted in bold:

I do think that John McCain was very helpful in what he did. I saw him this morning, we’ve been talking with his staff. Clearly, yesterday, his position on that discussion yesterday was one that stopped a deal from finalizing that no House Republican, in my view, would have been for, which means it wouldn’t have probably passed the House. Now, Democrats are in the majority. They can pass anything they want to without a singe Republican vote, but they don’t seem to be willing to do that. I’m pleased we can have negotiations now that get us back towards things that we think can protect the taxpayers better, create more options, and frankly be better understood in the country than the plan—the path we were on a couple of days ago.

It really gives one pause to consider that the next President of the United States approves so explicitly of intentional distortion of quotes that amounts to nothing short of a lie. The McCain campaign should absolutely ram this down Obama’s throat until he apologizes and repudiates it. Do you think it is a petty fight to pick? I do not. It is about judgment. Time and time again, Obama insults the whole of American intelligence and leaves a slithery feeling in honest Americans. He thinks judgment is less of an issue than big speeches with theme’s lifted from generations past. Oh, and if someone tries to so much as run an ad against him that he feels is unfair, he pulls stunts like this. Under Obama, it is quite possible that if you do not accept the words he says, however and whatever he says, and choose to speak out, you might be slapped with criminal charges or a civil lawsuit.

The Obama campaign sets an unsettling double standard that, if elected, makes me personally fearful of how he will make decisions and inform our nation of critical issues. If he plans to manipulate, so obviously and materially, the words of others with no accountability, where do we find ourselves on matters of our republic — the defense of honor, freedom, and liberty?

It is upon the candidate’s judgment and character the we begin to assess their qualifications for President. Senator Obama does not meet this most basic criteria. When you couple that with his radicalism, lack of achievement in elected office, lack of experience, and questionable relationships, in my opinion, he is automatically disqualified as a candidate.


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