Democrats: “It’s McCain’s Fault The Deal Broke Down!”

Confidence Boost

Confidence Boost

Fact: You cannot be responsible for breaking down a deal that never existed in the first place.

I reported to you, faithful readers and lovers of America, on Wednesday that McCain was a “no” on the bailout. He said himself there was no consensus for three days. Before the meeting this afternoon at the White House, he said he did not think there was a deal.

Now, we all stand amazed at McCain’s prophetical power. It turns out, there is… no deal.

House and Senate Republicans are not on board with the bailout. How could they be? Their phones, after all, have been ringing non-stop from constituents and the majority of Americans believe a bailout is the wrong answer.

The power of politically active denizens everywhere is working.

Reports indicate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) “blew a gasket”. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) walked out of the White House early and told reporters there is no deal and he probably won’t ever be invited back.

Rumor has it McCain was a calm, powerful presence saying very little and letting the House GOP leadership present their “fundamental” concerns.

The President and Sec. Paulson were willing to negotiate on all matters. The Democrats are not willing to do the same with Republicans which is why they thought they had a deal. They forgot to consult the other half of the Congress and political grandstanding has failed because they lack the political courage to pass the bailout on their own despite having the majority.

What could have been one of the “fundamental” concerns? How about throwing more money in the direction of radical liberal minority community organizing groups?

You’d better believe it! Report: Part of Democratic Bailout Diverts Our Money to ACORN 

On that note, I welcome you to Friday and hope you stay dry… As for the Democrats and Obamamania, regardless of the weather, they are going to be all wet.

Prediction: As intended, a deal is struck achieving the goals of the GOP for this legislation prior to the evening, reducing or eliminating taxpayer exposure on the bailout.

Sen. McCain will then fly to Ole Miss and arrive at the debates just before they go live. The media will be abuzz with the news. The Maverick, not ‘the messiah’, rescued our financial markets. 

The debate will then be nothing short of a victory lap for America’s new de facto Commander-in-Chief. 

If you remember nothing else, know this: McCain is the deal.


2 Responses

  1. WOW, I don’t know what country you live in but it’s not America, it’s Not Reality. John McCain went into that meeting and messed everything up. EVERYTHING. John McCain brings chaos to anything he touches.

  2. Yeah, if it wasn’t for GPS telling me where I was, I don’t know if I would know I lived in America either these days.

    I don’t think one man can walk into a meeting, say very little, and everything suddenly becomes messed up. All reports indicated the House GOP was ignored, Barack said quite a bit, Sen. Shelby left once Sen. Reid and Rep. Frank blew a gasket.

    That’s what happens when you craft a plan like this to continue screwing people like me by saying you’ll increase the national debt 700 billion and take 20% of that and once it is recovered, give it to people like ACORN.

    That’s not a deal. That’s getting screwed. If that was the deal, I’m glad it’s not going through.

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