The Maverick: “I’d rather lose an election than lose [our economy].”

You remember the original quote, I’m sure. When he defended the surge in Iraq while most, including his current electoral opponent, opposed the war, the surge, and the subsequent path to victory he was quoted saying, “I’d rather lose an election than lose a war.”

It takes a man who has experienced defeat in battle and endured years of misery to possess that type of honor. It is an honor that, to be frank, I’m likely not ever to know personally. So I owe a man my respect and the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his judgment regarding the art of war and the national defense.

As you know, I am vehemently opposed to the Bush administration’s bailout plan. While I believe President Bush is a good man and wise in many of his judgments, I believe there is a better solution to this issue. For me, the bailout is more than a matter of fiscal and monetary responsibility. The bailout presents a moral imperative as the government has been entrusted with taxpayer dollars and the responsibility of holding accountable those who fail to lead with sound judgment.

While I hear news reports tonight that Democrats are close to a deal with the Bush Administration on the key aspects of the bailout legislation, I do not hear the same agreement from Republicans. In fact, I still hear strong fiscal conservatives, of which I am one, stating they are not convinced this bailout contains the provisions required to ensure a responsible rescue for our economy.

By the time you read this, it will probably be Thursday. Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama will meet, along with the Bush administration and other Congressional leaders to craft a bipartisan agreement to rescue the seizing financial markets. My hope is that we are all praying that the best financial principles will be applied to this solution and that our fiscal conservatives will have a strong backbone for limiting further taxpayer exposure to this crisis.

Here is what his colleagues had to say about him: The Weekly Standard: Sen. Lieberman, Speaker Gingrich, Gov. Schwarzenegger, Sen. McConnell — and Rep. Frank. Notice Rep. Frank’s guarded pessimism? Remember that he is central to creating the problem. Everyone else in the group, of varying party affiliations and ideologies, hail the decision.

Now for McCain’s BFF (‘best friend forever’ for the non-text messaging crowd), Sen. Harry Reid. If you want to know who is playing politics with this bailout, look no further.

You have to admit, McCain’s move to suspend his campaign for the public good is bold, decisive leadership. I also believe he’d much rather lose an election than lose the nation’s economy. Hopefully, he can get some key pro-growth fiscal conservative components in the agreement. Politically, though, his move sets up a clash of the Titans. If he is successful, Obama will lose this election for showboating that the economy is in crisis but putting campaign fundraisers ahead of the people’s business he was elected to serve. The best case scenario is another ‘Hail Mary’ that validates his judgment while the worst cast scenario is a ‘first down’ by again being on the offensive.

For Obama, his best case scenario is that an agreement is reached and the deal is done before Friday and they move on to the debates. He has already conceded the ‘first down’ for McCain by accepting President Bush’s invitation to the White House at Sen. McCain’s request. It can get really ugly for Obama, however. If McCain can rally Republican support, he becomes their leader that gets bipartisan support for the legislation. That would show that Obama is self-concerned, unprepared to lead, and full of words that lack courageous action while McCain is capable of reaching across the aisle in times of crisis to meet the needs of the American public.

This definitely would be a huge talking point headed into the debate Friday night on foreign policy with forays in national security, international relations, terrorism and defense.

For now, though, we wait, watch, and speculate. Will the Maverick best them again?


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