Wacky Wednesday: Midday Report — McCain’s Senate Office Says ‘No’ PLUS Other Key Bailout News!

Perhaps the best plan to thaw the seizing credit markets: Repeal ‘mark to market’ for mortgage backed securities. Read below for clear explanation and straightforward understanding.

It could represent a 95% savings over the current $700 billion socialist scare-tactic proposal.

Dave Ramsey: How We Can Clean Up A Lot of the Economic Problems 

As some of you have already read, Michelle Malkin dares to discuss how illegal aliens and banks are partly to blame as a result of this sub-prime glut. Once again, thank you Congress for your inaction on immigration reform.

Michelle Malkin: Illegal Immigration and the Mortgage Mess 

As part of your complimentary midday update, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) are leading a charge to kill the bloated cottonheaded-ninny-muggins bailout bill. Finally, some fiscal conservatives are willing to stand up.

Michelle Malkin: Kill the Bailout: Go, Shelby, Go! 

Also, I did my part and called my Congressman. The nice staffer took my name, address, and phone number so they could get back to me. Awesome. Then I made sure she knew where I stood on this measure so if he botches this up I can flood him with follow-up calls.

I then called Sen. McCain’s (R-AZ) office and asked about his position on the bailout. The staffer replied, “McCain is a ‘no’ on the bailout.” 

This news despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) telling reporters last night that McCain would be supporting the legislation. This despite the acknowledgement in McCain’s own acceptance speech that Sen. Reid “can’t stand McCain.” Harry Reid, leadership you can count on!

The latest misinformation on the bailout debunked by Michelle Malkin: Kill The Bailout: The Big Lies.

New York Times: McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac – But he didn’t work there or take a time from the company since 2006! New York Times… all fools! McCain’s guy took money! Pull the fire alarm! What?! Barack’s advisers were CEOs of Fannie Mae and took millions running it into the ground! No, you can’t report that!

FOX News was a little more balanced and actually took the report further by adding additional facts the New York Times left out: McCain Aide’s Firm Paid by Freddie Mac Until Last Month.

C’mon people, what did he do? He worked with the Homeownership Alliance and Habitat for Humanity! Gasp! Not Habitat for Humanity! Everyone knows they’re fleecing America and screwing the responsible taxpayers! All wrong, Obama, as usual.

Another lunch break for me brings you one step closer to the news as it happens!


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