Obama Tied To Radicalism And Terrorists… in the Wall Street Journal!


Ayers and Obama: BFF?

In presidential election cycles, everyone waits for the debates and the October surprise(s). The Libs are waiting for the Palin investigation into power abuse to wrap up and will probably drop ads about McCain and Charles Keating for which McCain was cleared of all ethics charges.

What do conservatives have to look forward to? Well, the McCain camp is starting to release ads regarding Obama’s duplicitous relationships with uber-sketchy villains of Americana. The question remains, will America stand for Chicago-style dirty politics in mainstream America? Will the mainstream (drive-by) media report it?

Well, hardly mainstream, but highly respected nonetheless, the Wall Street Journal has published the first salvo that will hopefully open the floodgates of speculation. Stanley Kurtz has been researching Obama for years and the liberal politlcal machine has attempted to thwart his work every step of the way. It appears their attempts are failing: Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism on Schools. This is also being reported by FOX News — Fair and Balanced. 

Hey, Obama, balance this, buddy!

Read and get the word out. We need the public to demand an full account and except nothing less than full disclosure. This is not what is best for our schools, our kids, our lives, PERIOD.

Sacrificing my lunch break and most evenings daily for the ideological defense of our nation!

I am Mike Parrish and I approve this message…

Remember, it is a privilege to fight!

3 Responses

  1. You continue to use Op-Eds and Commentaries(sp) as support for your arguments. These, as their names imply, based on the opinion of the writer. If you are going to spout off, at least have some fact based information, this one inparticular is an interesting study in fear, but need I remind you has the closest ties to som e of these organizations? That’s right, your sittting president and mine. Just look at the 9-11 Report, and read for facts, not opinions.

  2. OOOH, FOX NOISE is reporting it, so it mus t be true.
    I know every newscast has its own slant, but FOX has been found to be reading Republican talking points, fed to them by the Republican party. This has been going on for years. WSJ, is becoming less and less respected in the news community, mainly because it is now owned by FOX’s parent company, which is overseen by Rupert Murdoch, non-American, to prove your point.

  3. I’m not usually inclined to call out friends…

    But you do typically cite the New York Times…

    Hard to take your comment credibly when your swimming with most of them.

    No media outlet is objective… It is impossible…

    But people watch FOX News over MSNBC for a reason…

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