No Hanky Panky!


Just Remember: LUV

I do this because I care. Really, Mr. Treasury Secretary, it’s not you, it’s me.

No more of this, Hanky Panky. Keep the free market as pure as possible from government adulteration. Let’s just be friends, okay?

I worked up the attached crude graph of the market capitalization L-curve, V-curve, and U-curve as a result of varying levels of government intervention.

  • The L-curve represents full government subsidization of the mortgage industry. This is BAD and will quite possibly recreate the depression.
  • The U-curve represents Treas. Sec. Hank Paulson’s and Fed. Chairman Ben Bernanke’s proposal. This is an emergency landing and the plane will still crash but leave bigger pieces of the problem left. We’ll be in a recession longer and market capitalization will take more time to recover.
  • The V-curve represents the free-market and the fastest path back to capitalization. It’s also a full on crash landing that leaves the fools responsible for this out of the game and saves the taxpayers billions.

You tell me, on Main Street, which you’d prefer? 

  • L-curve costs us dearly, saves the people who created the problem, and we’re stuck with it for closer to a decade.
  • U-curve costs us dearly, saves the people who created the problem, and we’re stuck with it for a few years. 
  • V-curve saves us dearly, punishes the trouble-makers, and we recover fastest.
L… for Losers.
U… for Unamerican.
V… for Victory.

Despite the satire and humor, this is free-market economics folks. Don’t be fooled by a government bailout!

I’m not alone on this either… Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin: Mr. Speaker?

And then, the down and dirty political implications? Thanks, Allahpundit!


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