Joe Biden: The Arrogance of a Fool, Part 4 *UPDATED*

Joe Biden: Paying More Taxes Is Patriotic 

Thanks, Joe.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve announces $180 billion cash flood to fight crisis.

So, Joe, if you want to take money out of our pockets (e.g. increase corporate taxes, payroll taxes, capital gains, and the estate tax) and put it in the government, but the Fed says we need to inject cash into markets to maintain/increase liquidity, how does your tax plan intend to stimulate economic stability/growth?

Unfortunately for the sensible, this is how the liberals work. They say they’re for the middle-class. They say they want to help us. At the same time they champion principles that will only suppress the middle-class in the long term stifling their ability to better their financial position. This, in turn, makes them more beholden to their party and their power.

This is a complete load of donkey poo and is akin to BUYING votes.

Lower taxes, slash the government budget, and don’t pass laws that force banks to lend money to irresponsible people because a special interest says it’s not fair/racist (ahem, ACORN). Thank you, gutless cowards making it harder for me and my family for the rest of our lives.

It turns out, decisions to acquiesce out of political fear create financial problems my generation and my kids generation have to pay for. Now Washington Mutual, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs are in trouble due to a lack of investor confidence DESPITE the latter two having sound business practices. 

It’s not like we already don’t have to pay for other liberal policy such as FDR’s corrupted “New Deal” of Social Security and Medicare for everyone older than us and then securing our own retirement without government subsidized assistance since Social Security will be insolvent long before my generation retires. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not advocating we dump older generation by the curb, but government mandated redistribution of income across age strata is no more a solution than redistribution across socio-economic strata.

If the US is to financially survive, we must stop spending on government entitlements, poor industry regulation, and lines of credit, otherwise it will break the backs of my generation.

UPDATE: I heard Barack give his “3-Step Plan to a Better Economy” in New Mexico. I kid you not, it went like this:

  1. Put capital in the economy
  2. Increase liquidity to stimulate lending
  3. Tax cuts for some and tax increases for others
What kind of plan is that?! Step 2 happens naturally as a result of Step 1. It’s already being done by the Fed and continues to take place. So far over $600 billion of liquid capital has been injected into the economy. It all comes back to his Step 3. Which will be a total failure for anyone that owns a small business and employs anyone other than themselves.

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