She Has Rights, Rights You’ve Denied To Others

Good Morning. It is a new day in America. It feels good to have Lehman Brothers come clean and air it’s dirty laundry despite the consequences. Our economy is strong, despite the whiners and miserati™ (that’s a Mike Parrish original word) that tell you otherwise. Today you woke up in the most hopeful country in the world. Today is the day you your voice can be heard anew. Thank God for that freedom!

To date, I’ve only asked you to read and discuss with the people around you the issues surrounding this election.

This morning, I’m asking you to consider an additional step. John McCain chose public financing so donations to his campaign are used to pay for the accounting and compliance with the public finance laws with the rest deferred to the RNC for other Republican candidates.

If you feel the urge to contribute, I would consider contributing to a cause related to the election. In this case, Gianna’s cause. Gianna’s Plea is an ad airing in certain states. It is financed by

Please take a moment to watch the video, via link above, and ask yourself if it is worth your investment to support this cause. Our nation’s highest office should never be occupied by an individual or administration that does not value the basics of humanity — the right to life and to prevent the shedding of innocent blood, as well as the defense of the innocent who have no means of defense.

Mr. Obama wants to debate the issues, but this is an issue he hasn’t the moral constitution to defend and the media will only bury the issue to protect the implicit blood on his unaccomplished legislative hands. Help make sure this is aired in every major swing state by considering a contribution. It not only helps to save lives, but also influence the outcome of the election which has far-reaching consequences beyond this one major issue.


While we’re at it, take a look at this link: Obama Camp Denies He Tried To Delay Withdrawal Agreement Of Troops From Iraq. It would appear America’s “Chosen One” has deliberately attempted to manipulate the Iraq War to his political benefit and now denies it. The report comes from the Iraqi Foreign Minister and, as is custom, the Obama camp only denies the charges.


Finally, the below two links will link you to additional articles. I know I’m asking for a few extra clicks, but it will be worth it to expand your political gravitas and at the same time debunk evolution by naturally selecting Mr. Obama for politicalextinction. Yes folks, we’re having a fire-sale of our own today.

For those that do not know, Michelle Malkin is one of the most prominent conservative voices in America and is also a FOX News Contributor. She has two sites, the first is which is where the below links take you. She also heads up . She’s a mother, an author of three books, and lives in the D.C. area.

Acorn Watch: The Community Organizing Fraud Continues 

Obamas Co-Workers Call BS <– Not responsible for the title, regardless of accuracy.


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