Barack Obama: The Arrogrance of a Fool, Part 3

So the Lord and Master, the Omnipotent Barack Obama released an ad calling John McCain out of touch and notes he can’t send email — nevermind, that it is due to horrific torture he endured while serving in the armed forces, none of which Barack can fathom.

But is it not ridiculously ironic that he faults McCain for not sending emails and then we find out tonight that Gov. Sarah Palin’s personal email account has been hacked!

Keep cranking it out Obama! You, Plouffe, and Axelrod… arrogantly foolish. You’re positive McCain is out of touch but can’t tell us whether you think bailing out AIG was a good or bad decision. Accoding to you, wasn’t this about issues?

Perhaps your issue is that you can’t decide, yet another “present” vote.


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