Third Night in Disney World

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. It has been the hottest day yet simply because there has been less cloud cover.

Highlights were the Sci-fi Drive-in Theater for lunch, the Great Movie Ride, the Tower of Terror and Fantasmic!

Fantasmic was by far the best. It was the nightly fireworks, laser, light, and pyrotechnic show featuring almost all of your favorite Disney characters.

The plot is Mickey’s dream which turns into a nightmare thanks to the villians of many Disney stories. Of course, it has a happy ending. The show was pretty amazing and lots of fun.

I included a pic of Cara in front of Muppetvision 3D, one of us at the Sci-fi Drive-in, and a picture of the picture of us with Cinderella just for fun.

Hope you enjoy!


One Response

  1. The Great Movie Ride is always a thrill especially when it is so hot, looks like you were enjoying lunch too! I hope you guys had a chance to eat dinner at the Prime Time 50’s Cafe, that’s always a hoot watching those old TV shows.

    Have fun!
    Love you guys,

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