Second Night in Disney World

No rain today! Weather was pretty awesome overall!

We went to Epcot and made the rounds. When we stopped for lunch in The Land, a young lady noticed it was our anniversary and brought us two large warm chocolate chip cookies to go with our lunch. It has been amazing at every turn. People wished us a happy anniversary 16 times throughout the day!

Afterward Epcot, we had dinner at the California Grill. It is located on the top of the Contemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom.

We thought last night’s experience would be hard to beat. When we were seated we noticed we were the only table with confetti. The waiter arrived and said, “So it’s my understanding that you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary tonight with dinner and fireworks. Sit back and enjoy, I’m taking care of everything.”


A few moments later we were greeted by another lady asking if she could take our picture and email it to us commemorate the night.

We started off with a cheese tasting. Five delicious and unique cheeses paired with some amazing compliments like dates, honeycomb, and almonds.

Our second course was a rainbow sushi roll that came with a relish with edible flower petals.

Our dinner arrived within minutes of the fireworks. Cara got an oak-fired beef filet and Mike chose the pork loin. Both were amazing dishes.

As with all things Disney, they got the setting right too. They dimmed the lights and piped in the music and we watched the exact same fireworks as the night before except it was a totally different view from up top. It was breathtaking!

For dessert, we both got a chocolate cake with a ganache center and apricot hand-made ice cream. As you can see from the picture, they added their special touch to it. The cake is made when you order it and takes 25 minutes. It was so fresh and delicious!

Afterwards, we went back in the Magic Kingdom after everyone else except Disney guests had left and rode some more rides until about 1:00 AM and then called it a night.


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