First Night in Disney World

So our first day was nearly perfect. We flew in early, got checked-in and went to the Magic Kingdom.

Then it rained off and on all afternoon, thanks Gustav.

It wasn’t bad at all, though. We stood in line no more than 20 minutes and hit all the major attractions. We caught an exciting afternoon parade, saw Mickey, Alice, Mary Poppins, and lots of other characters.

We then walked through the shops, and rested at the Grand Floridian with coffee and saw a wedding about to take place. We headed back later for our dinner reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

We were welcomed by the host staff and as we walked in we were greeted by Cinderella. She made small talk with Cara as I took some pics of her sweet digs.

Cara tells me she wished us a happy anniversary and asked if Cara had found her prince like she had.

Cara said she has. At that point, I turned around and she asked if she could have a picture with us and asked me if she was my princess. I told her of course! She then asked Cara it was alright for her to take the arm of her prince for the picture. So with my bride on one side and Cinderella on the other, a memory was made.

We then went upstairs for dinner where the Fairy Godmother paid a visit. For dinner, Cara chose a salad and the lamb chops in a pesto sauce with a poached pear and mango sorbet in a port reduction. Mike chose corn and crab soup, prime rib of beef in a cabernet sauce with the poached pair for dessert. The food, castle, and entire experience was nothing short of surreal and fabulous.

When we finished, we exited the castle and watched the evening parade and amazing fireworks from the front of the castle. By the time we made it back to our room, we had been told “Happy Anniversary!” not less than 10 times.

If this was the first day, I can’t imagine the rest of the trip!


One Response

  1. You guys are making me happy just thinking about all the fun things that are happening there. Have a great time. It sounds like YOU, custom fit for you….


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