Barack Obama – On Record In Support Of Infanticide

I haven’t written in over a month. I’ve been on a six-week assignment to resolve other issues of integrity and moral value in my realm of influence. Having completed that mission, I took a moment to receive an email from my mom that contained a link to this video. When I got home, I turned on the news to hear Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, attempting to spread her vast knowledge of God’s opinion on abortion to the boisterous rebuke of the Catholic church. My wife asked me if I viewed the video link my mom sent.

I told her I had not yet seen it and she began to inform me of its content. Now, I am here back to writing posts defending the innocent and the helpless. It is unconscionable to claim that infanticide/abortion is not barbaric, callous, and inhumane. Anyone who believes that lives as innocent and helpless as these should be allowed to expire, for any reason, is not fit, qualified, or worthy to be the President of this nation.

For those who are unable to read further because the truth is ‘scary’ or because deniability is easier for the morally weak, or they lack sufficient self-constitution, know this: Barack Obama has voted against legislation to protect against infanticide – the murder of children under the age of one year old. This was while he was an Illinois state senator. He blocked a federal bill with the same language while he chaired a Senate committee after saying he would vote for said legislation if it was federal legislation. You can now go back to your Candyland-America, where injustice doesn’t exist and morality remains relative depending on your mood for the day. Wake up, people!

This basic disrespect for the value of life disqualifies anyone from elected office. It is in direct contradiction to the principles and founding documents of this nation. It is morally reprehensible. It is not a Christian principle; yet Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are presenting themselves to us as bona-fide born-again Christians! Electing this man elects the ideals that human life, regardless of age, is expendable at the whim of its malefactor. This is heresy! 

Barack, what if this was one of your precious children? I submit that the needle on your compass of moral relativity took a sharp turn in the opposite direction. What will it take before these politicians wake up and realize their success is at the blood-soaked expense of those never given a chance. Politicians with no moral grounding like these are no better than the Hitlers, bin Ladens, and Stalins of the world. And here we are in a national debate as to whether this guy should be our next leader. He should never have made it this far!

I pray that my gracious God would judge accordingly for the unrepentant murderers of innocent life and their proponents; but I also pray that His mercy would be extended again before Barack Obama or anyone like-minded takes office and the blood of innocent babies will be on the hands of all Americans.

My name is Mike Parrish, and you better believe that I approve this message.


One Response

  1. Um, while I agree that these things should not happen, where is it that “Obama on Record in Support of Infanticide”.
    This is a nurse reading a script, yes, watch her eyes.
    Obama did not vote on the 98-0 bill in question.
    Where is the proof? Get it and I’ll listen
    The staged, full-term, several week old, baby lying on a table with people leaving the room is a horrible innuendo. This is the propoganda from a website that spreads lies, and worse, breeds hate and fear…, check it out then fact check their remarks…
    Thanks for listening

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