The Next Big Step: Homeownership

We’ve been paying off debt for about 7 months and also planning a vacation. We learned a lot about how much money we can save a month if we have goals. The experiment has put us in a great financial position versus where we were. We had prayed and decided the time to buy a home would be the Spring of 2009. Our current lease expires in February of 2009 and I feel the housing market will be starting to lift itself out of it’s current slump. Prices now are pretty good as new home sales are very sluggish and I think mortgage interest rates will fall a bit more to help keep the market’s pulse alive. Seems like a sound plan if you’re a buyer.

As we walked Charlie a few weeks ago, we discovered more to this story for our lives… (pictures below the fold) as the new townhouse development behind our apartments had posted a sign advertising homes in the low $200s. We talked about it and decided we should stop by, but never did because we thought it would be impossible to get everything together to sign a contract in a timely manner.

Needless to say, everything needed for us to buy a home, they were able to accommodate. Construction does not begin until October so closing will be in early March. Perfect timing. To get a home we really loved, we expected it to cost in the upper $300s and not be new. What we found an opportunity to get a brand new home, with everything we wanted, and to get to be involved in almost all of the design steps all for less than $250. Perfect.

We ended up getting a corner lot with a backyard view of the walking/jogging trail, woods, and the Swift Creek. Charlie gets his backyard, Cara gets her jetted tub, gorgeous kitchen, and music ‘conservatory’, I get my study/office, healthy 2nd floor deck, a family room and the Malibu gets a garage. All that, and the future kids get two bedrooms to grow up in all in a great area with good schools. The future is looking bright. Below is a gallery of the site which is currently being prepped. From our cramped one-bedroom apartment, we get to watch it being built and can walk to visit our new home as often as we like.

This is the American dream in a time where you hardly hear anything positive in the news. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I’m so blessed and grateful for how God provides for each of our needs and then exceeds our expectations.


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  1. Congratulations! Buying a house is a very exciting time. If I may offer one bit of advice; you are debt averse, that’s great. But don’t rush to pay off that mortgage as if your life depended on it. I hear of too many people throwing every last cent to pay it off early and they ignore their retirement account as well as their daily happiness. Make sure you fund the 401(k) especially if your employers match your deposits. Remember, even a new house needs upkeep, painting every 5 years, or so, fixing the heater, A/C, appliances, etc.

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