Case-Mate Screen Protection Kit for iPhone 3G

The Apple Store had run out of my favorite screen protectors by the time I got there at 8:00 PM on Friday. On Saturday morning, I headed over to AT&T to see what they had. I decided to give these a try, they were only $9.99 for three with a polishing cloth and piece of card stock to apply it with.

I thought it was cool there were three, but immediately questioned the quality for the price considering my favorites were 2 for $14.95. Once I opened the package, I thought it was even cooler that they came with a protective film on both sides to peel off before application. I had my hopes up.

Then they were dashed with the first application. The tabs on the protective films were on the edges but not flush making it extremely hard to line up the film correctly for a perfect application. At first contact, bubbles formed which I quickly attempted to work out with the ‘applicator card’. However, the adhesive properties were so strong that the bubbles were not easy to work out. After fighting with them, I began to apply the film down the length of the iPhone 3G. About midway, I realize my alignment was a touch off and began to backpedal. The film adhesive was so strong you couldn’t adjust it without it bending to the point of no return. The front protective film buckled and it was ruined.

So I backed up, polished off the screen, and prepared to give it another go. This time, I was determined to align it accurately. I did. I began reapplying and working out the initial bubbles which worked fairly well. Once fully applied, I smoothed everything out and pulled off the top protective film. I stepped back to admire my work… which turned out again to be a blinding failure unbeknownst to me. Though perfectly aligned, the edges of the film do not match the edges of the touch screen. The edges are not round enough and run off the edge of the screen onto the bezel. The corners do not adhese cleanly and it looks terrible. I also notice the film has a purple tint against the otherwise black border of the touch screen. Overall, this minutely tints the display and the border around it.

Disappointed I began the removal effort again. This time I realize the adhesive property is totally overkill when I can’t get the ‘applicator card’ underneath the film to lift it off the surface. When I finally get it off it is a curved bent mess. I polish my screen and stare down the third film.

I think it’s important at this point to note I have a little experience applying decals and things of the static-cling nature with a high-degree of success. It’s not that hard. This shouldn’t be either.

The third film is going back to AT&T. A protective film for the iPhone shouldn’t overlap the bezel and should appear as part of the unit itself without blemishes, bubbles, or imperfections. As soon as their back in stock, I’ll be picking up my favorite protective film from the Apple Store. If I can’t wait, I’ll just order it online.


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