iPhone 3G: Hassle free…

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

I realize I’m probably an exception to the rule, but I feel it’s probably worth it to tell of my eventful, but smooth iPhone 3G transition.

As I wrote about last week, my wife and I both sold our original iPhone 4GB for $200.00 on eBay with satisfied customers. I got up 30 minutes earlier than usual Friday morning and left an hour early to get my fuel (Starbucks) and then drove a mile to my nearest AT&T store where I was betting on a shorter line than the Apple Store 30 minutes away. My analytical skills did not fail me once more as I arrived at 6:40 to 18 people in line outside. Some had been there for hours with chairs and an Igloo cooler. I was sort of surprised that where I live people felt it necessary to do that, but whatever.

I popped in line and waited alone, save for a brief chat with a few iPhone noobs who couldn’t get their facts straight about how the technology works. However, as a beta tester, I was forced to remain tight-lipped due to Apple’s Non-Disclosure Agreement. Until the guy next to me saw I already had Exchange, the App Store, and Apps on my phone. I just told him it’s cool and that he’ll see in a bit and I really can’t add more to it at this time. After an hour or so, my wife showed up with her ‘fuel’ in hand and we settled in for the homestretch.

A friend of mine from college, who works at the AT&T store popped out and started handing out iReady sheets (AT&Ts gimmick of making sure customers are prepared to purchase their phones and plans) and then walked down the line asking customers which phones they planned to buy so they could see how far their inventory would take them. We got in at 8:27 and were done by 8:47. We came home, we synced, and then the iTunes activation servers went down. However, we got in just in time.

Overall, the phone itself is simply an improvement of the first generation. A touch wider with a slightly convex back. This does several things, makes room for the extra components, battery, and other design revisions, but aesthetically and ergonomically it has an improved hand-feel. It seems to nestle itself into your palm and between your thumb and index finger like a baby in its mother’s arms. The addition of 3G and A-GPS make it more savvy and the 2.0 software seems to run snappier than my experiences on the original iPhone as a beta tester.

My wife wanted the white and I chose the black. Her iPhone 3G shows virtually no fingerprints while the black is a magnet for them. Nevertheless, a quick wipe and it’s smooth again, it really doesn’t seem to bother me. Audio is improved for listener’s with a sharp ear and there are a few more, ever so slight, aesthetic revisions. All in all, it’s sexier than ever before. As a matter of fact, I ran some errands and came back to find my wife wearing an amazing dress, legs crossed with iPhone in hand, playing Enigmo. It was weird and kinda awkward for me to admit, but the sight was HOT!

Careful planning for this transition was key, if I had arrived 10 minutes later in line, they’d have been out of phones. If I had driven to the Apple Store, the line would have been too long and the servers would have gone down before the phones activated and we’d be stuck all day without connectivity.

Last night, we indeed drove out to the Apple Store for cases and screen protectors. We were told only iPhone customer could enter and they had to wait in line. The line was still long. It was about 8:00 PM. A few moments later a teal shirted Apple employee informs the line of hopefuls they didn’t make the cut, they were indeed sold out. Like a bunch of American Idol rejects, they disperse with amazing speed. I asked the guy if we can get in now, and he said we had to wait in line to prevent overcrowding. So we got in line, waited a few and talked with others and we were in. We got our cases and left. Again, near perfect timing.

All in all, it was a very good day. I know many weren’t so lucky, but again, luck favors the prepared.

If you want an iPhone 3G, AT&T is out of stock at most stores and Apple Stores are pretty much out as well. No worries though, supply will eventually exceed demand you can get yours very soon and it will be well worth the wait, I assure you.


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  1. I haven’t read many iPhone 3G experiences similar to my own until I read your post! Those of us on the east coast who were able to buy & get activated by 9am (or thereabouts) seemed to have a much better experience than alot of other folks.

    I got the 16 gig black phone, and am definitely enjoying the 3g. Enjoy your new phone!

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