AT&T iPhone 3G Plans: For some, no increase in monthly cost

For all the ranting going on about how ridiculous the AT&T plans are for iPhone customers (which really are just on par with other smartphone plans), some of it is totally ridiculous. I for one, my wife for another, can’t complain one bit.

On our original iPhone plans we paid $112/mo for 550 FamilyTalk minutes and unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited data, and 200 SMS messages each. We had a 20% corporate discount but wasn’t eligible to use it for the iPhone plans.

Our new iPhone 3G voice plan is the same, 550 FamilyTalk minutes, unlimited night/weekends and 200 SMS messages each (additional $5/line or $10 total) bringing us to $122. Add the 3G unlimited smartphone data plan without tethering and it’s an additional $20 total (increase of $10/line over the original Edge iPhone data plan). So we’re talking an extra $30/mo for the switch, right?

Our bill should now be $142 from $112. However, it’s still $112/mo because we now get our corporate discount of 20% which brings us right back to where we were before this whole discussion started.

Not too shabby at all. Unfortunately, most people overlooked details like this and instead drove off the cliff of assumptions. Once again, it pays to think independently and challenge the commonly accepted wisdom.


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  1. Im happy to pay only $30 for the data plan, but AT&T will need to charge much more if they want to make money.

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