iPhone & eBay: Now is the time to sell

Do you currently own an iPhone and intend to sell your phone? If you were planning on using a service like eBay you might want to go ahead and get your auction listed.

Case in point: my bride and I put both of our iPhone 4GBs on eBay and chose to have them as featured items. Both sold in less the 5 minutes for a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $200.00 plus $10.00 for shipping. Basically, we upgrade for free at the 8GB level or for $200 total for two of the 16GB (our preference).

Obviously, we should have listed with a higher ‘Buy It Now’ price. They’re going for an average of $187.00 right now but what set us apart was that we were able to include the original box, manuals, and accessories that came with it. Our phones have no damage on them either except for some very light bezel scuffs. Even ones that have been visibly dropped and scratched with the iPhone, USB cable, and A/C adapter were selling for $150.00.

If you advertise your iPhone as “unlocked” you receive a premium of up to $350.00 in some cases.

We listed ours as “unlockable” with original box and contents, anti-glare screen protector, and original manufacturer’s warranty until the date it expires in a couple of weeks. We could have gotten more money for ours, but we felt like we got at least $300 of value out of our current phones and didn’t see the need to be greedy.

So the question remains, if you plan to sell your old iPhone, when should you do it?

RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait. Listen, simple economics is at play here. Currently there is a small supply of iPhones available on secondary markets like eBay, Craigslist, and the trunk of your friendly neighborhood ‘dealer’ (who you should never, ever buy from).

Once millions of people upgrade to the iPhone 3G starting this Friday, the market will be inundated with original iPhones and this sudden flood of supply will ultimately drive price downward as the markets strive to regain equilibrium. I don’t know if it will be a sudden shift but I can’t imagine the price to remain that high for very long. The only way the current price will hold is if there is an unrealized huge demand for unlockable first-generation iPhones. While I believe it’s significant, I don’t believe it’s that large to sustain the high price they’re currently selling for and ultimately, prices will drop to around $100/unit if the offering is still in great condition with all necessary accessories.

This isn’t exactly the premium they’re selling for now and it certainly, barely, helps offset the current cost of the new phones even with the AT&T subsidy. The best bet is to sell now and prepare to ship once you’ve received your shiny new phone if you hope to recoup as much of the cost on the original investment as possible.


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