The Next Big Step: Homeownership

We’ve been paying off debt for about 7 months and also planning a vacation. We learned a lot about how much money we can save a month if we have goals. The experiment has put us in a great financial position versus where we were. We had prayed and decided the time to buy a home would be the Spring of 2009. Our current lease expires in February of 2009 and I feel the housing market will be starting to lift itself out of it’s current slump. Prices now are pretty good as new home sales are very sluggish and I think mortgage interest rates will fall a bit more to help keep the market’s pulse alive. Seems like a sound plan if you’re a buyer.

As we walked Charlie a few weeks ago, we discovered more to this story for our lives… (pictures below the fold) Continue reading


Pocket Change gets featured again!

Some days you’re the big cheese, other days you’re the burnt crust on some little kid’s grilled cheese. For the past few days, Pocket Change has been the gooey cheesy goodness right in the center.

Thanks to all who visited and stop by often with new stuff several times a week!

Charlie meet

So if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to roll on over to or (the former is for cats while the latter is for dogs). Too cute. You can even submit your own pics or build your own ‘lols’ from the ones provided.

There’s a running joke between dogs and cats and it’s played up well on the site. I was busy printing a mailing label when I caught Charlie peepin’ out the printer. So it made me think, shipping label… puppy… dog vs. cat (like spy vs. spy)… LIGHT BULB! And there you have it, my first ‘loldog’.

The more people that view it and vote it up, the better the chance it will be featured. So enjoy and let me know what you think!

Marware C.E.O. Premier iPhone 3G Case

I’ve already written about my poor experience with the Case-Mate Screen Protection Kit. Fortunately, I had better luck with my choice of iPhone 3G case. 

To recap, we arrived at the Apple Store to purchase our accessories at 8:00 PM on launch day; meaning, it was slim pickings. I spied this little beauty hanging all alone on near the top. I took a quick look and resolved quickly that it was better than the current Incase Folio I’d been using. Continue reading

Pocket Change Gets Featured for the First Time!

Folks, I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years had I not seen it myself. But for a short period of time, the ‘iPhone 3G: Hassle Free…” post made it to the featured article section on the home page as well as the Technology News page at number two.

I suppose this isn’t that hard to do, but for Pocket Change, it’s a milestone in its fledgling blogging career. After all, there were 110,000+ new blogs that day with over 3.5 million blog sites throughout the WordPress kingdom. So hip-hip hooray, the future is looking bright!

Case-Mate Screen Protection Kit for iPhone 3G

The Apple Store had run out of my favorite screen protectors by the time I got there at 8:00 PM on Friday. On Saturday morning, I headed over to AT&T to see what they had. I decided to give these a try, they were only $9.99 for three with a polishing cloth and piece of card stock to apply it with.

I thought it was cool there were three, but immediately questioned the quality for the price considering my favorites were 2 for $14.95. Once I opened the package, I thought it was even cooler that they came with a protective film on both sides to peel off before application. I had my hopes up. Continue reading

Hands Down: The Best 1TB External Hard Drive… is Custom

Mercury Elite-AL Quad-Interface 

Mercury Elite-AL Quad-Interface

1TB external hard drives are widely available now at any major retailer with Western Digital, LaCie, and Seagate topping the lists with their respective models.

I closely examined each of these options and was forced to eliminate the Seagate FreeAgent Pro 1TB because it only offered Firewire 400. I’m looking for longevity and speed at a great price.

That leaves the Western Digital MyBook and the LaCie d2 Big Disk. The LaCie has a Maxtor hard drive with many reports of premature failures. A percentage of all hard drives fail prematurely for various reasons; however, I’d prefer to perform surgery myself rather than having to chunk the drive and possibly the enclosure too.

That leaves the Western Digital MyBook. Honestly, I think the enclosure is sort of silly looking, but that’s shallow. The price did appear very nice, but the performance left something to be desired clocking in below 7,200 RPM with, at most a 16MB cache.

At this point, I gave up on out of the box solutions. Continue reading