Classy & Chic: The Skinny… On Minis

Jean Mini

This is a new blog post we plan to run regularly. It’s a woman’s perspective with a man’s thoughts included for balance. We hope people read this and realize the way people dress is an extension of what they think of themselves. That extension of themselves determines how people view them on the surface. What messages are you sending?

The Skinny – Her Point of View

There is something to be said for tiny people. There must be a lot of them I overlook at 5’2″. It never ceases to amaze me, these teeny pieces of fabric that are passed as “clothing” that not tiny people wear. Yes, people actually wear things like this. I often regret not having an extra robe or yard of fabric and stapler in my car so I can nullify this whorish couture.

Just a few weeks ago, I was in Panera Bread with my husband for brunch. I watched as a girl, who may have been a little younger than myself, walked through the door in a hot pink micro-mini skirt.

I thought to myself, “If only you knew what kind of attention you’re getting wearing that… or maybe that was your intent all along.” My dumbfoundedness only increased as she proceeded to perch herself upon a bar stool to eat her lunch. I don’t know how well this brunch apparel was thought through, but I can tell you that the majority of people eating their own meals at eye level with bar stool sitters didn’t appreciate her absent-mindedness. Despite it being at my expense, I’m grateful my husband had his back to her.

The Reaction – His Point of View

I was sitting there finishing up my sticky bun and my gorgeous wife’s eyes about bug out of her head. Whenever she does that, I know she’s seen something horribly atrocious. She told me, in no uncertain terms, “Don’t turn around.”

To most people this means something bad is going to happen, like a flesh-eating mega-sized praying mantis is about to put his jaws of death to your head while slicing and dicing your limbs with his legs. In my world, it means, “No cause for mortal alarm, just another ill-attired female with a male-attention craving addiction.”

I know better, I really do. Some of you may read this and want to crucify me. But when stuff like that happens, as much as I don’t want to see girls dressing trashy (for my own purity and theirs), I do want to walk up to them and tell them how ridiculous they look. I think public shaming for inappropriately dressed girls would work wonders since their entire world centers around them thinking they look good. I mean, I shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable whenever I go out in public because girls do not know how to dress themselves properly.

And don’t give me that “c’mon its hot in the summer” excuse. Guys wear t-shirts and shorts that cover the majority of their body and we don’t complain about how we wish we could prance around in rolled down booty shorts and tube tops. Please. Grow some courage to value yourself for more than generating a sexual response in the opposite gender. When you dress like you’re desperate, don’t be surprised when men treat you like your easy. Gag freakin’ nasty is the girl who dresses with a lack of dignity and respect towards herself and others.

Final Thoughts

It’s a competition, true. But there needs to be some mutually accepted limitations. Girls who cross their legs when they wear a skirt are classy. Girls who wear skirts no shorter than the top of the knee are always chic. Girls who practice both might actually narrow the pool of male candidates to the few who care about more that your body. That, in turn, might teach you something about self-respect and self-confidence to promote the attributes about you that really matter in life.

Style is an art that requires soulful thought. When was the last time you considered what your fashion was saying about you?


2 Responses

  1. I created a Modest Exercise Skirt (i.e., EXERSKIRT) that allows one to be comfortable while exercising, without compromising their modesty.

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  2. HAHA! You guys are great. and how true it is.
    Modest is Hottest.

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