2008: The Year of the Write-In Candidate

Not impressedTwo candidates – No third-party contenders (there are three candidates). Of the top two, one I agree with about 50% of the time and the other only 35%.

Apparently, this is the most I can hope for. This is the best America has to offer me.

One guy seems to have very little patriotism and more criticism of America yet wants to be the CEO of the country he’s unimpressed with.

The other seems to be ultra-nostalgic for days gone by while his supporters are ultra-nostalgic for a candidate with charisma, excitement, and a commitment to the party’s fundamental values.

My problem, is that the candidate I agree the least with, is the one whose charisma, appeal, and attractiveness I genuinely appreciate and find refreshing.

The candidate that is more aligned with my views, though just marginally, seems to have a nearly undetectable pulse, induces yawning, and makes me wonder how in the world so many better candidates failed to compete with him.

In short, I’m starting to feel like, for the first-time, I have to find an answer to the question of conscience. I believe it’s my responsibility/privilege to vote, so I will. Unfortunately, I have no idea if I should vote for the least-greatest evil in my mind or vote for a write-in with no chance of victory and hope the greatest evil in my mind doesn’t wind up getting elected.

So far, it’s turning out to be a horrible election year for myself and a multitude of others.


One Response

  1. I agree with you completely about these 2 candidates. I don’t ‘like’ either of them. One comes off as pretentious and arrogant, while the other is someone who’s values I do not agree with at all, and who I also think comes across as arrogant. Honestly, one of the biggest problems in America is that we no longer have faith in the government or politicians or our country at all, but that is not what I’m going to talk about. Vote for the lesser of 2 evils, I know that is what I would do. And, just for the record, I find Obama as the lesser of 2 evils.

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