Does WALL•E run Mac OS X?

Feel the Apple Love!I went and saw WALL•E last night. I’ve only been waiting for this movie for about a year. When it was over… I wanted it to start over again. You fall in love with all the robots, especially WALL•E and EVE. They are funny, curious, and spunky. Disney/Pixar has done it again.

EVE was apparently designed by the same guy that came up with the White iMac design. At least that’s the word on the street. But I can’t help but wonder if WALL•E himself doesn’t have a little Apple love inside him.

Several times throughout the movie he needed to charge himself from solar power… when the charge was complete, each time Mac lovers got quite the special treat. Turns out, WALL•E’s fully charged sound is very familiar to a sound popularized by the Mac brand.

All of this should really be no surprise considering Disney bought Pixar from Apple and Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, sits on the Board of Pixar and owns the majority of the stock in the company. Well all of that, and, of course, Pixar uses Macs.

This begs me to ask, is it possible that WALL•E runs a version of Mac OS X? Or is it a more advanced mobile processing Mac OS yet to be released since the movie takes place in the future… Maybe mobile Mac OS XV?


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